Campus Ban Passes Senate Committee

SCCC notes that the Senate Committee in Colorado has advanced the campus carry ban to the floor.

Committee Chairwoman, Senator Angela Giron cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of the proposed campus carry ban exclaiming in tears that “the testimony tonight has been very compelling, but I made a promise [to vote yes]!”

Colorado has allowed licensed concealed carry on college campuses for nearly a decade, but lawmakers in the Centennial State reacting to recent mass shootings last year seek to reverse that provision despite no ill effects, a drop in both overall crime rates generally and sexual assault rates specifically after carry on campus was permitted, and no permitted student ever causing a disruption with a firearm on campus.

Who was it she made that promise to? Joe Biden? Do we run Colorado out of Washington these days? That seems to be the Democrats’ plan. Clayton Cramer has more here.

UPDATE: I guess not too surprising when they have this kind of contempt.

2 thoughts on “Campus Ban Passes Senate Committee”

  1. “Do we run Colorado out of Washington these days?” Well, yes, along with New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and any other State where the Modern DemoCommie Party has Control. The old days of “Blue Dog Democrats” are gone. Those “Reagan” Democrats that are still in power are being Forced out by their own Political Leadership.

    In the Soviet Union, no matter how Loyal they were, any Party Member who said “Wait a Minute!” when orders came down from Moscow wasn’t around much longer.

    And I’m willing to bet that when the Anti-Freedom Bills hit the U.S. Senate Floor for a Vote, EVERY Democrat will vote for them, no matter how “Moderate” or “Purple” or NRA “A” or “B” rated they are. Even Harry Reid has “washed his hands like Pilate” regarding Gun Control. They seem to be more afraid of making their Political Bosses angry TODAY than facing the Wrath of the Voters in 2014.

    Throw in the RINOs from the N.E., and I can see Unconstitutional Bills being sent to the House.

    But one of the Questions that bugs me is WHO in the Obama Regime is pulling the Strings. Biden’s a Front Man for the Band, but who is telling him what to say? Bloomberg? Soros? Obama? I’m not sure, but I’d really like to find out who “The Man behind the Curtain” I’m NOT supposed to be paying attention to IS!

  2. Angela is crying now…Just wait,Angie baby, when another nut case shootsup/blowsup a college classroom as a result of your(and your fellow travelers) actions. It will all be YOUR fault,Angie baby…

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