Arizona Grassroots Experience With Campus Carry

The Arizona Rifleman is getting some first hand experience with on-the-ground activism with the campus carry movement. You can see his first hand account here, and here. Get involved enough, and eventually you’ll get this feeling too:

At several points, I wanted to say to the pro-gun people, “Stop it. You’re not helping.” — we’re not talking about the Second Amendment, nor guns in parking lots, nor anything else. We’re talking about whether the ASUA, the University of Arizona student government, should support or oppose a state senate bill that would allow faculty with valid CCW permits to carry concealed firearms on campus. Your efforts basically confirm every negative stereotype, though most of the pro-gun females who spoke were clear, articulate, and made some good points. This is a matter of giving responsible adults — professors, specifically — the choice to carry a firearm on campus if they wish.

Of course, the other side of the coin, like we experienced in Radnor earlier this week, is when a lot of highly involved and motivated people show up, and nail point after point that needed to be made. Our grassroots are both our greatest asset, and a huge liability, but I’d rather have our grassroots than the other side’s astroturf. The one thing I wish I could have said to the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners is,

“These residents you see here represent thousands of other people in this township who feel just as passionately as they do, but maybe couldn’t make it, or just aren’t as young or energetic. But I will tell you, they will show up at the polling stations and vote this issue if angered, and the activists here will make sure they know about it. I can promise you that nearly everyone in your Township who’s willing to vote for you because of this issue is in this room tonight. You have nothing to gain by voting yes, and everything by voting no.”

That’s why they lose, and we win, when you boil it down.

6 thoughts on “Arizona Grassroots Experience With Campus Carry”

  1. I agree!! It is a beautiful quote!

    I will plagiarizer it with all emotion the next chance I get!

  2. As an aside …

    This is a matter of giving responsible adults — professors, specifically — the choice to carry a firearm on campus if they wish.

    Wow … how benevolent of a bunch of students to “give” professors the right to bear defensive arms.

    Good fricking lord.

  3. Or were those the Arizona Rifleman’s words?

    If so, still sheesh.

  4. Technically it is the students, in the form of their representative body, supporting a bill the in the controlling body of the University, the State Legislature, that would affirm the right of professors to exercise their RKBA on campus.

    The “allowing” is occuring at the State government level, nobodies “giving” anything.

    Though I see your point on the wording.

    And AR’s correct in any case. SA supporters need to stick to the single issue at hand, whatever it may be, or they diffuse/confuse their own message with no gain to their cause.

    Similar to testifying in court, if you refrain from bringing up a distracting (or credibility impacting) topic it prevents your opponent from trying to avoid your point by chasing the tangent.

    If you want to address campus carry of handguns, leave the rifles and the signs about the UN treaty at home. Save those for their own rallies.

  5. My wording was indeed poorly chosen and I apologize. Obviously, the right to self-defense is a pre-existing one, and the right to keep and bear arms is protected by both the US and Arizona Constitutions.

    No vote or referendum can “give” rights.

    Rather, state law and university policy currently prohibits the carriage of arms on campus by anyone other than police. If the state passes this law, that prohibition would be overturned, and the professors rights to carry (specifically, the right to carry on campus) would be less infringed upon.

    Of course, this measure would only apply to professors, not students or the general public who happens to be on university property. Even so, it’s a baby step in the right direction.

  6. as an american citisin who is not alowed to own a bolt action 22 long riffle and where is the law found it dose not even say in the unconstitutional brady bill the 2nd admendment declares the people the right to have and bare arms it dont specify what those arms are it dose tell us that there are to be NO laws toin fringe on the right to any american citisen tohave and bear arms evenif that person is marked a Ex fellen they should not be prevented from this right to protect themselves and there loved what if a person made a mistake such as joy riding at a young age they still need to protect there own i right or not at least i served in the U.S.Millitary for the constitutional rights for all American Citisins.not just the police officers and the millitary nor the C I A and the F.B.I. but for All. to have the Equial Rights Under THE U.S.A. bill of rights.Even Ex Cons Fought For these Same Rights they Kept there Oath to Uphold the Constatution of the U.S.A. Witch they Kept there Word But I Cant Say that for the Congress of this U.S.A .nor our Repersenatives Nor Our Senators Not Even the Sorry Excusess For Presedents Of the U.S.A. sence the Illegle Brady Bill that To This Day is Depriving 50% of our Citisins the Right to protect there Famileys from Danger in a time of Crisess and weeking the stringth of the American Malita to Protect the American Way of life Liberty & the Pursuet of Happyniss.Dont let this Country Fall to A Dictatorship .Stand up America this is not the time to Fail your Children And Grand Children to the Whems of the Old Man Bush His son George Bush Clinton And The Half Ass Forin Dictator Obama Whom is in Reality a solist Comunist Dictater And out to distroy this Grate Country That all our Troops And Vetrans Like me fought for. thank you I served !# plus years for this Country And Both My Army and National Gurd Discharges are Honorable.So Now I can not Evon own a 22 Riffle Even though My big crime was not Violant nor did i serve time .and was not read my rights or repersented by Councel.I and a Fellow Soldger Were Denied our rights By at the time a Corupt Common welth or Should i say a Comunist Welth Court with No Repersentation.

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