Joe Manchin and Gun Control

He doesn’t want to talk about it. You know, Joe, we don’t have to vote on this stuff. I’m sure Harry Reid would prefer not to as well. Why not just tell the White House to piss off? There was a time, before the 2010 cycle, when no Democrat wanted to be seen with him. It kind of makes you wonder what the Administration is threatening these Dems with if they don’t toe the line.

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  1. I wonder if he is just tired of hearing from pro-gunners about it. I think they have hammered him hard, and he’s done with the whole subject. Hopefully this indicates he is not willing to do anything with gun control at all.

  2. I doubt he is done with it, only done hearing about it. I am sure there is a list of stuff on him that is being used. At the least, I am sure a bat was present at the original discussion. The extra pressure is probably due to the alienation of the President in the 2010 cycle. Payback is always brutal in the political arena, especially in Chicago.

  3. Wrote a quite email — feel free to steal. It has been awhile since I hit him up so figured it was time for more heat!


    I recently saw that you refused to answer questions regarding your constituent’s right to keep and bear arms in an interview with The Journal of Martinsburg.

    The spirit of the First Amendment encourages an active, free and vigorous press. It also encourages citizens to petition their government. You chose to insert yourself into the gun control debate, and your constituents would like to know where you stand. Because your votes impact all US citizens, many people outside your state want to know where you stand too.

    The spirit of the first amendment is an open society with a free flow of information and ideas. I encourage you to be forthcoming with your constituents and with your citizens regarding your position on gun control legislation.

    Based on your excellent NRA rating and statements when last running for election, I trust that you will oppose any gun control measures which may be presented in the Senate including the criminalization of private sales, elimination of “mens rea” requirements for crimes involving weapons, or arbitrary limits on magazines.

    I look forward to seeing you address challenging issues of principle in an open and straightforward manner when you are asked for answers in the future by the citizens you serve.

    Very Respectfully,
    [Chris from AK]

  4. Dear Sen. Manchin, I am writing to ask for your support for the bill Sen. Feinstein has proposed.

    Assault weapons are for war , not sport. Why can’t sportsman use a safer gun? The assault guns are just too DANGEROUS!

    The fact that 26 people including 20 of them children were killed in 4 minutes in Ct. is enough to make it evident.

    We must count on you and Perhaps Sen. Reid and afew others.

    I know in your heart it is not against the 2nd Amendment. Its just which guns to allow.

    Please consider this … I have seen the pain in the eyes of someone who was in the school in Newtown .
    What about the citizens right to go to a mall, or movie, or school withou fear of a MASS SHOOTING. If the bill needs tweeks then do that. But please support the gun regulation legislation.



    Pamela Santillo
    54 Cedar Ct.
    Cheshire, Ct. 06410
    203 623-1454

    1. Assault weapons are not weapons of war. No military in the world issues semi-automatic rifles. Miltiary assault rifles are all capable of firing automatically.

      The whole assault weapons issue is a legal fiction, and in reality covers any firearm politicians want to ban, including many many common rifles and pistols. Please educate yourself before advocating banning my guns.

      Thank you.

    2. Assault weapons are for war , not sport. Why can’t sportsman use a safer gun? The assault guns are just too DANGEROUS!”</blockquote

      Sorry, that's incorrect. Scary Looking Weapons (a more accurate term than assault weapons) can be used for many things, fighting criminals, target shooting, or hunting. They do the same thing as other guns, but are more comfortable to use, and more customizable. There is no such thing as a safer gun, and SLW are just as dangerous as any other weapon.

      Please learn more about what guns are you talking about before you decide to infringe on my rights.


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