The Shape of Things to Come

What the Obama machine is morphine into:

Obama veterans are building a wide network of deep-pocketed groups and consulting firms independent of government, the Democratic Party and traditional liberal groups, a sweeping — if not unprecedented — effort outside the White House gates aimed at promoting the president’s agenda and shaping his legacy.

From campaign strategists to online gurus and policy hands to press agents, Obama loyalists — including many who discovered that a second term yields fewer administration job vacancies — are slicing his agenda into smaller parts and launching highly targeted efforts on subjects including health care, job creation and electoral politics.

Obama’s opponents really don’t have an answer to this, and that is the problem. This group will no doubt aim to rob the American people blind, rob future generations blind, in addition to removing fundamental constitutional rights of Americans. The problem on the center-right is that many of the “deep-pocketed groups and consulting firms independent of government,” are more concerned with exploiting our issues to feather their own nests than they are actually fighting for the cause.

15 thoughts on “The Shape of Things to Come”

  1. What’s scary is that this a LOT of Time, Money and Effort be spent just to ensure the “Legacy” of a Lame-Duck Presidency. Even the Clinton Machine wasn’t that active in trying to get Hillary into the Oval Office. Even they knew it would take some time. So WHO is this being built for? And WHY the Rush? The only thing on the Horizon is Obamacare coming into effect Full-Strength, the Budget, some SCOTUS Rulings and the Mid-Terms. They have to know they’ll never get the Presidential Term Limits removed by 2016, if ever. So what’s this all about?

    But I’ll tell you one thing. They REALY want to Disarm the Republic ASAP, and they have to know Heller and McDonald can Trump most of the Anti-Gun Legislation out there, yet they are moving forward as if they don’t care.

    So what makes them so Cocky in the Face of MILLIONS of New Gun Owners buying EVERYTHING off the Shelves that can Shoot to the point that even .22LR is dried up? They act as if they don’t care that they could be facing an Armed Citizenry if they go to far.

    And if THEY aren’t Afraid of US, then what is up their Sleeve.

    Food for Thought.

    1. I think the rush is because they want to seize the moment. They think they have the high ground, and now want to strike with every available resource they have. They want to pound us into submission. The gun control movement is just one part of that.

  2. I was about to write a comment involving the term ‘sturm abteil’, but then it occurred to me – this is really just a monument to the extreme fecklessness and incompetence of the Obama movement. They are community organizers and meme artists, and so they make everything into a donation shakedown and social media campaign, while the heavy lifting is done by others (or just not done).

    It’s the biggest and most expensive case of hammer-nail tunnel vision in human history.

    1. I’d say we could use a few meme writers ourselves. The NRA hasn’t proved an ideal marketing arm to the low info voter.

      1. Not to put too fine a point on it, the Founders didn’t design a government for the low info voter. They damn sure didn’t design the warm-body democracy we have now. Anyone who thinks we can return to Constitutional principles without a restriction of the franchise to the productive is delusional. Anyone who thinks we will get that absent a crash accompanied by a targeted lead-based plague is equally delusional.

  3. “Obama’s opponents really don’t have an answer to this”

    Huh? It seems to me Obama’s people will have a long way to go to catch up with their counterparts on the right. I wish I had a nickel for every right-leaning political consultancy, think tank, professional website, front organization, you name it. Sometimes I wonder if there are any conservatives left working real jobs. If Obama’s opponents have a problem, it’s that most of them aren’t very good at what they do, and, have developed tin ears for political messaging.

    1. It could be a jobs program on the left, just like what the right is doing. But if they are focused on real political action, there’s not much on the right that does that. I’ve never been convinced funding these DC think tanks has made much of a difference.

    2. That’s pretty much about what I was going to say. I can’t dig up the article right now, but I remember reading about how the Orca Project failed largely because Romney hired a bunch of consultants to create it, and they then used silly corporate practices to create an unreliable system…and this was only one facet of the almost incestuous relationship between several consulting agencies involved with Romney’s campaign.

      To me, this would seem to indicate that the door is open for a decentralized, open source, grassroot system…but then Libertarians would have to put that system together…but they are too politically disorganized to figure *that* out. (I have no time to put such a thing together, either, so I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else might be.)

  4. The deeper problem is that the conservative consultants making money; it is that they are focused on politics, not entertaining (and thus influencing) the low information voters. Very short-sighted, and it will make civil war unavoidable.

        1. As long as its done with private funds.

          Or place them in NFL teams, sans pads.

  5. The talk about entertaining voters, or rich conservatives buying media outlets, is jumping the gun.

    Rich conservatives don’t need to focus on tricking people by slipping politics into entertainment. Start by providing actual news. The GOP, or Tea Party, or whatever alternative, can start by posting well-written, concise press-releases. A one-stop shopping experience for people wanting to know what really happened. Look at – they went from de-bunking internet myths to lying to defend liberal politicians.

    Not editorials about everything – news, actual news. The local papers have high school students cover high school sports – they pick a few reliable kids, give them a free camera w/ video, have them file reports. We would volunteer to cover local news stories, and stories in industries we work in & understand.

    For example, there are a few conservatives at the EPA. The EPA is in the news a lot. In return for a promise of confidentiality, those scientists would be happy to share what they know. It isn’t always “Bad government – good oppressed industry.” Sometimes it is ‘good government – evil company buying MSM press coverage”. When a drug bottling plant gets raided and shut down, because mold in their machines got into the drugs and killed a hundred people, the company’s response is to claim the raid is illegal, to help their competitor.

    If all the reader has is a company press release and a news report written by a guy who was (a) paid to write the story by the company and (b) did no research at all, and only wrote what he was told to write, then we as readers can’t know what really happened. 95% of stories have this problem – the MSM doesn’t cover stories any more unless they are paid or it hurts conservatives.

    A conservative website that actually reported news important to people – hey, your taxes are going up January 1. Hey, BPA in plastic bottles is not even a theoretical safety concern. A conservative website that was grassroots powered, with ‘smart’ people cleaning up the writing, organizing it, keeping it running. A conservative website with ads that were safe to click though. I remember a time when magazines held their advertisers to a standard of integrity. Now we have NRA magazines toting dick medicine and get-strong-fast supplements. A good conservative website would check their advertisers, and would only let (reasonably) trust-worthy sellers advertise.

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