Campus Carry Passes Texas Senate

Just in from Students for Concealed Carry on Campus:

On Monday, May 9, following months of parliamentary challenges, backroom negotiations, and public accusations, the Texas Senate finally passed legislation that would legalize licensed concealed carry (of handguns) at Texas public colleges.  By a vote of 21 to 10, the Texas Senate agreed to add Senator Jeff Wentorth’s (R- San Antonio) “campus carry” amendment to SB 1581, a higher education finance bill authored by Senator Steve Ogden (R-Bryan).  The bill itself passed by a vote of 19-12 and will now go to the Texas House.  Texas Governor Rick Perry has repeatedly voiced his support for campus carry and promised to sign the legislation if it’s passed by the legislature.

Now watch as our opponents go stark raving mad. Once again, we win, they lose. I didn’t think this would get through the end-of-session log jam, but I’m happy to be wrong.

11 thoughts on “Campus Carry Passes Texas Senate”

  1. As an Aggie, I have to say “WHOOP!” to this fantastic news! If campus carry and parking lot protection passes, we’ll be one step closer to the mythical 0 score on the brady scoresheet. Until they move the goalposts again as they realize they’ve lost on yet another issue.

  2. That is good news but I have to say that my state representative for this organization never responded to my e-mail. I thought I could help as I am an Adjunct Instructor for a local community college. After 11 years of such, tomorrow is my last day in this capacity. I will not return.

  3. It’s funny, CSGV has been running their twitter account like a crack addled feces flinging rhesus monkey. But it’s pretty quiet now…

  4. “has been running their twitter account like a crack addled feces flinging rhesus monkey.”

    I’ll have to remember that one.

    Perhaps they are hitting the Montezuma hard tonight.

  5. If they are drinking tequila, I can only hope they are stooping to Montezuma.

  6. As an Aggie and staff at TAMU as well as a TxCHL Instructor, I am glad this finally got through. We’ll see what shenanigans the anti’s pull to try and stop it now. Funny thing is, my rep Ogden is one of the opponents and yet it was his bill that this was amended too. We shall see what comes out in teh wash. Be most assured that the hysterical anti’s will be doing all they can to derail this before it can get to Gov Goodhair.

  7. “14 hours without a tweet from csgv. I think that’s some sort of record…”

    I could have changed that! But Sebastian removed a sentence from one of my comments that the CSGV would have loved to take out of context. :-(

    It will be fun to see how much longer they’ll remain quiet… :-)

  8. Stephen,


    How about simply “exclusive”. ;)

    We in Alaska happily wait for the day we can welcome the second-largest state in the union to the club. =p

    Congrats when this passes, the carry on campus movement needs a -major- state like Texas, the anti’s won’t be able to dismiss it as a “fringe state” issue once you guys have it.

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