Bloomberg’s Next Target

Over at VSSA, there’s speculation that Bloomberg’s next spending target may be Virginia. It is noted that the off-year gubernatorial election in a purple state would certainly make a nice pick-up for Bloomberg’s anti-gun crusade. With the the Democrat calling for handgun rationing and semi-auto bans, it be quite the trophy.

His two big federal wins haven’t been real “wins” in many ways. His win in Pennsylvania for the Attorney General is the closest thing he has to making a real impact, and even that race was still largely about a scandal involving child rape.

VSSA asks a good question about the dedication of gun owners in these target areas:

There has been a reawakinging of the grassroots. The question is, will it last long enough to put Bloomberg in his place. Virginia in 2013 could be the first test.

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  1. Excuse my french, but I fucking hate that guy. I will do whatever I can to keep any of his candidates from winning in the state. I have stayed quiet, and put up with my wife giving me shit over guns etc, but this will be the tipping point.

    I would like to think that Virginia would not allow him to have much impact, but the DC suburbs are full of transplants (as I am for full disclosure), and they make me really really nervous.

    The problem here are the candidates. We have a carpet bagger who never has held a public office and is a Clinton acolyte and an absolute right wing nutjob would rather make headlines than actually do his job as AG. There is a strong 3rd party candidate, but he is going to be underfunded.

    I moved her for college from NJ, and I love this state. I have been here for 23 years and hope to die here. We have to stop Bloomy….fucking hate that guy.

    Sorry for the rant….

  2. If I lived in VA I’d find it hard not to support Kuccinelli. Not sure what’s so wrong about a “right-wing nutjob”, especially one with a pro-gun record. With all these GOP governors starting to suck the federal teet on Medicaid funding (including ours) be glad you live in a state with an AG that actually filed suit over federal control of SOMETHING!

  3. We need to head him off at the pass. We can’t let him build up momentum.

    BTW, where are all those leftists who constantly complain about too much money in elections? Why is this okay? Hypocrites.

  4. As a Virginian (by transplant), Cuccinelli has been doing a great job, especially since that job includes standing up to the Federal gov’t in the legal system. If Scott’s idea of a strong 3rd candidate is Bolling, he is seriously mistaken. At the GOP meeting tonight, there wasn’t one who supported him. Every gun control bill died and a few pro-gun passed and became law. Virginia would be a harder target for sure and Bloomy would have to expend a lot of money in a state where they would love to arrest him for his gun control schemes.

    I would love to say Virginia is in the bag, but the suburbs have a lot of people not up to speed on what is really going on. Luckily Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) has a great system set up. Lobby day drew ~750, with about 90% carrying in the building (legally of course). Representatives can’t ignore the group of people in the building, on every floor, in every office, all day. VCDL puts out information for free via email, even if you aren’t a member. I suggest signing up if you are in Virginia or just want to see what they are up to.

    If you hate Bloomberg and what his ilk do, go for the most conservative candidate possible! Cuccinelli is a decent fellow and will stick to his principles. Bolling has already shown he has few, if any, principles and has almost no support at all. I am more concerned by the Democrat, but that is more due to the suburbs than anything. Hopefully, the DNC makes the mistake of ignoring this election as unimportant.

  5. I am not generally a right wing guy. My main right wing issue would be gun control, on almost everything else I lean left. Its a hard position to be in….Cuccinelli stands for almost everything I hate about the super right. So, unless the devil was the other candidate, I will not vote for him. Sorry!

    I will say I overstated the strong 3rd party candidate. Sorry about that.

    1. I do not understand this mindset. There is a credible pro-gun candidate for governor in your state (unlike in the 2012 presidential election, for instance). He’s not good enough for you somehow because he is a “right wing nut”. Good luck relying on leftists to support gun rights. When they align with their guy we are in trouble. So do us a favor and either don’t vote at all or don’t complain about a loss which could set us back substantially.

      By the way as a public school employee I’m not that thrilled at our gov, either, trust me. But guess what, I have no reason to think he will throw the bill of rights under the bus.

      After we’re in the clear then we’ll talk. Until then, do what you can to make Bloomberg waste his money in your state.

      1. While I enjoy guns and believe I have right to them under the 2nd Amendment, they are not the only issue for me. They are ONE of the issues, but not the only one. Sorry. I have to look at the entire candidate. No candidate is perfect of course, but I would rather not vote at all than vote for Cuccinelli. I am not a left winger or a right winger, I sit in the middle. If this offends you I am truly sorry.

        1. Scott- Why are you apologizing? Those are YOUR views, and you are entitled to them. I don’t know why you feel you need to apologize- if I don’t like your opinion, that’s on me not you. You don’t have to respond to me or anyone else, but at least answer that question for yourself.

          1. Well it would appear as though Virginia isn’t quite in the bag if there are more voters who have the same feeling as Scott and aren’t willing to do the simple act of voting for someone who supports the 2A running the state who has a chance. I really hope they stay home over voting for McAuliffe, otherwise it’s another domino falling. You might as well turn em all in in the land of Jefferson.

            1. Virginia was a heavy democrat state not that long ago. It isn’t in the bag, but the pro-rights (i.e. gun rights) is strong and getting stronger. Virginia is courting several of the manufacturers in more gun-control happy states, like Beretta and Magpul. Scott represents why we have to continually educate, especially in suburbs/city locations. There are a lot of ignorant people there.

              Don’t be so down on the prospects- that is probably the least likely outcome. Just remember, Virginia carries the motto “Sic Semper Tyranis” for a reason. When it comes to “turning them in”- two words “MOLON LABE”.

  6. No worries. You need to decide if gun rights is worth a vote (or non-vote). Is the democrat candidate going to protect your gun rights? Unfortunately all of the Democrats I have seen have gone with Bloomberg and other gun control schemes. You might have a better view on it than I do. You have a difficult position.

  7. Bloomie has already bought the Colorado legislature and at a rather modest price. You pick the leaners, shoo them back into the fold and voila! you get what you want.

    1. There’s nothing that says the NRA couldn’t do the same thing. The NRA can easily match Bloomberg’s dollars. I am not sure what they have up their sleeve, but I hope it works.

        1. Right. But how much has he actually offered to put into the political process? There are also various state and federal campaign finance laws that come into play so that all $22B doesn’t get piled into a random campaign.

      1. Yes, Back-of-the-envelope sez that if every NRA member were to chip in $5,000 we’d be right there with Hizzoner.

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