Patrick Murphy Announces for PA Attorney General

My recently unseated former Congressman has announced his intention to enter the race for Pennsylvania Attorney General. You can see more details about Murphy over at our EVC blog. Needless to say, given the number of gun related topics the Attorney General covers, Murphy could cause serious problems for us. His record is not good. He never signed onto the Heller brief, and he once co-sponsored a gun ban.

6 thoughts on “Patrick Murphy Announces for PA Attorney General”

  1. Ok, now its known why Murphy was trolloping his wares around the state the past few months…to get us name out there for the AG position. My thinking is that the AG position for Murphy is just a stepping-stone on to higher political aspirations such as going against Corbett potentially in 2014 for governor.

    Now, that Murphy is gunning for the AG position, does this mean that the PA-8th seat is more “safe” for Republicans? Not that I am fan of Mike Fitzpatrick (personally think he’s an a$$clown) but sometimes ya gotta take what you can get. But as pointed out here, Fitzpatrick is not on board for the recently introduced National Reciprocity legislation (although 3 PA Democrats are)…

    This mental-midget was the one that missed the “Oath of Office” session of the newest Congress…

    Final point, curious as to whom the GOP will bring up against Murphy for that AG position? Linda Kelly, who is from the Pittsburgh area and has been appointed as the AG serving out the last 2 years of Corbett’s term, has agreed not to run again after serving out those 2 years according to the article. Any thoughts to whom might challenge Murphy even though we are about 1.5 years away?

  2. My guess is Murphy has higher aspirations. I agree the office is a stepping stone. Murphy is a phenomenal fundraiser, so he’s a good candidate against Corbett in 2014 too, if he succeeds in 2012.

  3. As AG, couldn’t he reverse Corbett’s reading of our reciprocity agreements, reading them to exclude out of state permits when an in-state permit has been denied (for arbitrary reasons such as unpaid parking tickets, etc.)?

  4. Looks like he is collecting on the favors he “earned” as a Pelosi lap dog while in congress!
    The last thing we need is another anti-gun Democrat who tought constitutional law yet supports unconstitutional laws…we already have one of those in the white house and we dont need one running the AG’s office here in PA.

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