Campus Carry in Virginia

Looks like the Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, has ruled that University of Virginia can’t bar people with concealed carry permits from carrying on campus. Virginia is similar to Pennsylvania in this regard, in that there’s no law against carrying on campus, but universities have generally been free to set policy. Cuccinelli’s position appears to be that UVa’s prohibition is too board, contrasting with a Virginia Supreme Court case over Mason’s policy, which was upheld, but which the court noted was narrowly tailored.

4 thoughts on “Campus Carry in Virginia”

  1. Jake, that’s the unfortunate thing about AG opinions, they don’t carry the force of law so universities and other liberal establishments can ignore them until challenged.

  2. I saw the PCH and decided I had to respond. The comment that bothered me was

    This is a chilling statement from Cuccinelli. When he talks about the Board of Visitors making the regulations for U.Va., we have to think about the two Christian Right people who were just appointed by Governor McDonnell. The other two appointees may be right wing also.

    Cuccinelli is dangerous and should be voted out of office at the first possible opportunity. If there were a recall possible, sign me up.

    Can you imagine letting people walk around colleges in Virginia with guns? The same collleges where we send our children? If this is allowed to stand, it will be the death knell for all Virginia public colleges.

    so I pointed out that we don’t need no stinkin’ ‘majinayshun:

    Yes, I *can* imagine letting people walk around on colleges in Virginia with guns, because it already happens in Utah–and, surprisingly, it’s not all that different from when guns weren’t permitted!

    I’m rather sick of this “If we allow more freedom to carry guns, blood will run in the street/schools/everywhere” claim. When Florida’s concealed carry law was passed, blood did not run in th streets; instead, crime went down. When the Utah Supreme Court declared that public universities and colleges could not ban the carrying of guns on campus, none of the predictions of dangers to students and faculty came true.

    What is it about law-abiding, sane people who are willing to go through the training and legal steps to obtain a concealed carry permit that would make them so dangerous? You seem to have this idea that such people are raving lunatics, just itching to shoot anything that looks at them funny! And *that* is why such predictions always fail.

    It seems all the PCH comments are “up-voted” more than “down-voted”, so I’ll have fun seeing what happens to my comment…

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