Maryland Senate Passes Draconian Gun Ban

Apparently Martin O’Malley doesn’t want to be President either. They mention they expect the House to act quickly. We should not make this easy for them. The bill makes some people who seek some voluntary treatments subject to a prohibition on guns, which I would call the “You can just suffer through depression without getting help, evil gun owners.” Additionally, you do get the draconian magazine ban, and the assault weapons ban, which has been the standard ban for most modern semi-automatic firearms.

This is a sad day, but the Democrats will have their revenge on us for daring to oppose them. Any state where the Democrats are in charge we are in trouble. Remember this come election time. It is time to get active in the electoral process and punish these people.

UPDATE: Matt in the Comments:

Not over yet.  Has to pass the House and people are mobilizing.  The rally on the 6th was the largest in State history.  So the politicians are betting we will not punish them for their hubris and ignoring their constituents.

Be there in Annapolis on the 1st and 6th!

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  1. BYE, BYE, Beretta!

    Stupid, Stupid People!

    This is getting stupider and stupider.

  2. I made the huge mistake of moving to Maryland five years ago (for a variety of reasons). As soon as it’s practical, I’m outta here. I thought of going back to Virginia, but the Northern Virginia libtards are taking over and what was once a proud red state is at best purple and will probably be blue within the next 5 to 10 years. So, West Virginia here I come…

  3. Not over yet. Has to pass the House and people are mobilizing. The rally on the 6th was the largest in State history. So the politicians are betting we will not punish them for their hubris and ignoring their constituents.

    Be there in Annapolis on the 1st and 6th!

  4. I’m not suggesting we should ever give up the fight, but there comes a time where the long term plan deserves more consideration.

    Maryland is a commie state – has been for years, and it’s getting more commie by the day. Too many takers in Prince Georges’ County and the Baltimore area, and too many employees in PG and Montgomery Counties around D.C. We’ll be fighting against gun control in Maryland until the sun goes dark.

    States like Maryland – which is small and insignificant, except for the number of employees – deserve to be written off. Completely. Any company remotely associated with the firearms business needs to relocate to Free America, and firearms and equipment sales to everyone, including government entities in Maryland needs to cease. Fight the battles, but it’s merely a delaying tactic.

    If Maryland police need guns, let Maryland government pay for their own state-funded armories to design and make them. Waterfowl hunting is big on the Maryland eastern shore, but nearly as big in the Virginia section of the Delmarva peninsula. If Maryland residents want to hunt ducks and geese, let those Maryland state-funded armories make the new shotguns and the repair parts for the ones they have now.

    We’ll win a few battles, but all from the downhill side. Let the commies have the state for now. We can reclaim it after the revolution.

  5. Treason Our gov attempting to weaken us so china can takeover with little or no resistance. See china in us

    1. I agree. The natural place that China would want to invade the United States would be through Maryland, if they can cover the tolls through the Panama Canal.

  6. But you have to understand they hate us. They don’t even view us as human. We are an obstacle that must not be simply removed but utterly annihalated totally and completely. They don’t care what we think because we are not them.

    These people if they could really have their way would of sent jackbooted thugs to machinegun down every man woman and child who went to that and any other pro-gun rallies. Wouldn’t even bat an eye. Some reps would be happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if those scum at MSNBC threw a party.

  7. It seems to me that strategically this would be a good loss. It’s undeniable that at least a few red states will pass draconian gun laws. If one of the first to do so loses hundreds of jobs in the process while seeing absolutely no benefit, perhaps fascists in other red states will be a little less eager to trample on their subjects’ rights.

  8. “Any state where the Democrats are in charge we are in trouble” Exactly Sebastian. As I have said on this site and others numerous times. The republicans, for all their faults and occasional betrayals, are our best chance. Wishing otherwise does no good, voting democrat will ensure loss of freedom.

  9. First off, kudos to the guy that’s in charge of this blog/site. I’ve found myself checking in here pretty frequently, and it’s a good place to keep current on the latest “gun-news”. Keep up the good work.
    Second, I plan on almost voting entirely straight Republican next year, not solely because of gun – rights, (though that is a biggie) but liberal’s typical views of politics in general. Corbett’s approval rating sucks right now, I only hope it turns around before next year’s election… I’d hate being stuck with a “gun-grabbing Democrat” (I.e. Schwartz). Pennsylvania, for the most part, has always been pro 2nd amendment, and I hope it continues to be. I don’t care for humid summer weather, but new gun laws (like NY’s ridiculous SAFE Act) might be a deal breaker. I suppose time will tell…

  10. 4/5
    Well, it’s over now. I found a list of the House votes but does anyone know where I can get a list of names and votes in the Senate?

  11. Here is the list of Senators that decided they know how to handle your rights better than you do and whom you should feel “grateful” for their benevolent guidance and vision. I fondly hope to guide them straight out of office on the unemployment rail.

    Mr. President
    Conway J

    Frosh, Raskin and Brochin especially deserve the high jump.

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