New York Rally in Pictures

Greg Ball speaks:

More here from The Blaze. Here’s a slideshow. I particularly like this one:

NY Capitol Gun Rally 2/28/2013

If we had idiot control, forming a government would be difficult. So it’s hard to see the downside. Do our opponents still want to continue to operate under the delusion they are fighting the evil gun industry and some faceless “gun lobby” rather than millions of their fellow Americans? Do they still want to suggest we’re all the stereotype of the OFWG? Want to continue to pretend all this is manufactured when most of these people are carrying homemade signs?

If yes, I understand. The illusion is important to you. Because the alternative is that you want to take something very important away from millions of people who care deeply and passionately about it, and that, well, kind of makes you a monster, doesn’t it?

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  1. At one point they had all of the ladies on the steps of the capitol building-probably a few hundred of them. I have a few pics of the “aftermath”: All the trash is picked up and the entire field churned to mud. Il Duce is going to see that mud for a few weeks, and every time he does he’s going to know we were there.

  2. Senator Ball also seems to appreciate the value of a ready-made crowd for a campaign speech.

      1. Some prior action on our behalf, involving real gun rights, when the spotlight wasn’t on the issue, giving him a niche to campaign to, while the gettin’s good.

        I don’t know anything about Senator Ball, so maybe there is an example of that, in which case I apologize to him. But if every loudmouthed Republican in our state, had put as much energy into pro-gun initiatives, as he/she did into hot RKBA air, but initiatives on other issues, gun ownership and carrying would probably be mandatory by now, rather than on the defensive, as always.

    1. I’m sorry to keep beating on our ancient history, but in 1994 I stood on a podium next to PA State Rep. Teresa (Forcier) Brown, when she said to a crowd of 10,000 gun owners at the capitol, “We didn’t bring our guns — this time!

      One year later her fellow Republicans passed the most comprehensive state gun control law in history, at the behest of the Republican governor that crowd had elected in reaction to the swell speeches.

      (To be both fair and accurate, she didn’t vote for it.)

      1. Yeah I still don’t trust the guy. I don’t trust any politician.

        It is good to see the crowd get fired up.

        The NY GOP however is clearly useless. There are no legislative remedies for NY SAFE Act.

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