Bloomberg Mayor in Hot Water Over Personal Security Spending

The Pittsburgh mayor who has signed letters to Congress opposing concealed carry for mere citizens has been spending big taxpayer bucks to pay police officers to escort him everywhere – including nightclubs where he’s busy making out with young women.

A local report shows that Luke Ravenstahl has been spending an average of more than $110k a year in tax dollars for the last three years to pay just the overtime costs of multiple police officers to escort him and keep him safe from whatever threats a mayor faces. The video shows a photo taken of the mayor and his taxpayer-funded security hanging out at a bar with a young chick on his lap wrapped around him while he was still legally married. (According to reports, he was separated from his wife at the time, but had told the press that he had no intention of actually divorcing her. Publicly screwing around her, apparently, but not divorcing her. She filed sometime after the photo was taken.)

As this news comes to light, political reporters note that this MAIG mayor is no longer attending political events and is expected to announce that he will either end his re-election campaign or possibly even resign over this and other police-related scandals that have involved his administration.

I would say that this sounds like a big improvement for the people of Pittsburgh. It’s bad enough to have a mayor who uses your public resources to go party and screw around on his wife. But to have that mayor saying you need to fund his personal security to those parties while you shouldn’t have the right to carry and defend yourself, well, that’s just insult to injury.

4 thoughts on “Bloomberg Mayor in Hot Water Over Personal Security Spending”

  1. Wouldn’t the city be able to recoup those funds from his ‘security force’ as being ‘received stolen goods’?

    It wasn’t his money to spend(that way) ergo he stole it, ergo it’s stolen goods regardless of the path it took to get into the recipients pockets (payroll via overtime).

    Then let the cops sue the Mayor for ‘theft of services’.

  2. I live in Avalon, which is 7 miles from the Golden Triangle, a.k.a. Downtown Pittsburgh. Mayor Ravenstahl is young and democrat. Need I say more? Getting outside Philly and the ‘Burgh, PA is quite the gun-friendly place. Lucky me, Avalon is actually a separate borough from the city of Pittsburgh, or I’d have to deal with this crazy mayor. Avalon is quite a gun friendly place.

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