Illegal & Unethical Mayors United with Bloomberg

An ally of Michael Bloomberg is raising eyebrows about just how political favors are used and abused in his town. Even better, it’s at the expense of public safety.

The police chief and borough manager in Dormont are accusing the mayor of ticket fixing.

It turns out the mayor has dismissed thousands of tickets over the years and now the Allegheny County District Attorney is getting involved.

He’s fixed more than $30,000 worth of tickets – enough to buy a police car. When the police chief was raising this issue, the mayor canned him to shut him up. Other city officials gave him his job back and are asking questions since some supporters of the mayor had as many as 35 tickets fixed in one year. That’s nearly a ticket a week for just one person!

This Mayor Against Guns is Thomas Lloyd of Dormont, Pennsylvania whose smiling mug graces the MAIG website.

Is it any wonder that the allies Bloomberg finds to join his anti-gun crusade are criminals and the corrupt who abuse the legal system to get their supporters out of trouble?

4 thoughts on “Illegal & Unethical Mayors United with Bloomberg”

  1. The law is the law, except when it’s not; some animals being more equal than others.
    Another MAIG criminal. An organization dedicated to raping people’s constitutional rights attracts criminals. That’s no surprise, but why is such an organization tolerated? Bloomberg’s exclusive little club for freedom hating government officials should not be allowed to continue to subvert the Second Amendment – membership in it is unethical.
    Bloomberg would howl if someone were a member of a country club that excluded Jews, but it’s all right to form an organization to oppose the constitutional rights of Americans? I don’t think so.
    Seeing as he’s got the CIA using his NYPD for a hand puppet, I wouldn’t put anything past him. Is the CIA into MAIG too?

  2. Birds of a feather…

    IMO, a uniting thread among the savants in this group is their appreciation of their superiority and privilige, as well as the majesty of state power they wish to exert.

    Too clever by half, they let their self-esteem and entitlement run away with them, past the bounds a compliant press and other boosters can ignore.

  3. Ticket-fixing? That has to be the most cheap-ass punk-ass low-life kind of dipshit political larceny – just pay the damn ticket, bitches! What a bunch of punks.

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