5 thoughts on “To Kill a Turkey”

  1. Oh for the love of all that is holy. I bet she did the same thing last year, but it wasn’t earth shattering then. It’s amazing how Sarah Palin running for VP changed what sorts of things the earth can withstand.

    *shakes head*

    Did they show the Iron Chef spot where Morimoto and Symon were plucking the birds for the “Thanksgiving Challenge” or was that okay because the birds were already dead when the challenge started?

  2. The charm of Sarah Palin is that for the most part she doesn’t give a crap about what anybody in the media thinks of her. I personally would have chosen a different back drop, but you know there is just something so awesome about doing that and watching the media’s expression during it.

    Shuster looks like a scum-bag attorney for some guy who refuses to pay child support. The guy is so condescending and dismissive that I bet he can’t figure out still why Fox news kicks his network’s ass in ratings!

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