Via Caleb, who compares and contrasts pro-and anti-gun forces, looks like a local shooting range in Georgia was vandalized by anti-gun folks.  I should not that this is the first I’ve heard of this kind of thing.  If I were the Brady Campaign, my first thought would be that this kind of thing is the last thing we need, but I would also have to admit that at least someone out there has some passion for the cause.  In order to have the problem of having your grass roots do things that embarrass you, first you need to have grass roots!

2 thoughts on “Vandalism”

  1. Liberal activists nowadays are more often than not thugs. Vandalism, violence, intimidation tactics are the type of thing that many of these thugs try to perpetrate against citizens when they lose in the courts. In this case, I have a feeling that their tactics won’t work and may wind up with one of them on a slab somewhere.

  2. We won’t loose…..LOL!!! A 7-0 vote is kind of hard to get a minority report from!

    I would add 2 small cameras and catch the kids that missed spelling class!!!

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