Combating the New Big Anti-Gun Money

The president’s pet policy group is spending 6 figures on a Twitter campaign today to target Republicans they think they can cause problems for with Second Amendment issues. Gun owners need to step up and oppose this massive purchase of “grassroots” activity.

So, with a little click of your mouse, you can tweet to each of these lawmakers one of these messages. If you live in their district, make sure to say it. If you don’t tweet, the lawmaker names go to their Facebook pages.

Jim Gerlach (PA-6)

Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire)

Susan Collins (Maine)

Dave Joyce (OH-14)

John Kline (MN-2)

David Valadao (CA-21)

Gary Miller (CA-31)

Mike Coffman (CO-6)

Buck McKeon (CA-25)

Daniel Webster (FL-10)

Jeff Denham (CA-10)

Robert Pittenger (NC-9)

These three were initially in the target group, but OFA dropped them because they think they may be able to work with them more easily:

Erik Paulsen (MN-3)

Pat Meehan (PA-7)

Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8)

9 thoughts on “Combating the New Big Anti-Gun Money”

  1. Bitter, You need to change the tweets pretty quick. Any tweet that starts with an @ is ripe for being treated like spam. If a low use Twitter account tweets all of those, the system will see spam and shut down the account. I’d put the @name at the end instead.

    1. Folks can rearrange them if they want – everything can be edited from the click, and I hope that people take advantage of it. I would also say that the likelihood of being marked as spam is low here since there are no links in the tweets. It’s only 15 twitter account tagets, and people are welcome to mix & match. I did it when tweeting to Gerlach & Meehan.

        1. The “exploit” involves others having to mark one as spam or organize quite a few people to block after many @ tweets. These are single shot tweets.

          Certainly, folks are encouraged to make these their own and add as many periods as they want or move the @[username] to the end, but that’s not a fool-proof means to avoid being targeted for Twitter suspension if political opponents put a target on your account.

          1. I hope you realize, after dismissing what Sean has to say, that he’s acutally helping you and the cause. Most people who have a twitter account don’t use it. Frankly, all the ##@@##@@ crap gets a bit tiring to follow.

            1. Where do you get that I’m dismissing it? I encourage people in the post and in the comments to make these personal, re-write them however they like, and give them variety. Those will do far more to avoid getting an account flagged as spam. It also helps that there are no outside links in the tweet which get more attention. I’m pointing out that there are many ways to avoid getting caught in spam/block exploits of Twitter. I’m encouraging people to use those varieties of methods.

              1. Yeah, you’re always right, with your condeseding tone, and everyone else is always wrong.

                You’re right.
                You win.

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