Private Negotiations on Private Sale Ban

This is interesting, to say the least:

The private discussions involve liberal Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, who is the No. 3 Senate Democratic leader; West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, an NRA member and one of the chamber’s more moderate Democrats; Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., another NRA member and one of the more conservative lawmakers in Congress; and moderate GOP Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois.

What is Coburn doing working with these clowns?

Participating senators declined to provide details of the talks. But people following the discussions say the talks have touched on:

-The types of family relatives who would be allowed to give guns to each other without a background check.

-Possibly exempting sales in remote areas.

-Whether to help some veterans who sought treatment for traumatic stress disorder – now often barred from getting firearms – become eligible to do so.

If you’re going to shove this crap down my throat, you better give me a better package than that, Tom.

16 Responses to “Private Negotiations on Private Sale Ban”

  1. chiefjaybob says:

    As far as Kirk goes, they misspelled, “Democrat in disguise.” He never met a big-government, nanny-state, gun-control law he didn’t like.

    • alcade says:

      Agreed. Kirk was elected to help defeat Obamacare. I doubt IL will reelect him, if he’s going to be a Democrat, may as well have someone in there who is official.

  2. ChrisJ says:

    I’ve been MOL content with Coburn’s work during his tenure but I’m exceedingly unhappy with his cooperation with Chuckie on this issue. I’ve already written him twice expressing my displeasure with this. Hopefully he’s being buried by correspondence and comprehend just how much his constituents oppose universal background checks and act accordingly. I’m not holding my breath though.

    • aerodawg says:

      Make sure he understands non-constituents are gonna help put his proverbial head on a pike if he cooperates with Chuckie Boy Schumer….

    • Jay says:

      This is me as well. 90% of the time I agree with Coburn, but every now and then he goes into “but I’m a doctor” mode and inserts himself into an issue like this. No compromise is necessary, if the Republicans just refuse to compromise. He could have said he would put a hold on any bill restricting gun rights, but instead goes for the “let’s talk” approach.

      How about no???

  3. Matt says:

    How does sales exemption by remoteness pass an equal protection challenge? Geography is determining rights under the law now?

    Hold on, these are guns. Foolish me. For guns, where you live determines your rights. Funny how our rights work like that.

  4. terraformer says:

    On the bright side, this deal appears to be “giving back” instead of being set up as a “compromise” where only one side compromises.

    -Whether to help some veterans who sought treatment for traumatic stress disorder – now often barred from getting firearms – become eligible to do so.

  5. mike123 says:

    How about we eliminate the background checks in their entirety. Its not like the government is enforcing the law. In 2010, they prosecuted 35 people for violations out of 4,700 prosecution offenses and after 6 million transactions.

    The solution to the failure of gun control, isn’t more gun control.

  6. Will68 says:

    Some brave Senator needs to insert a repeal of 922(o) into the bill. THAT is a real compromise on the anti’s part.

  7. Crotalus says:

    And let us not forget, the PDRK wants to one-up the PDRNY in gun control. (PDR=People’s Demokratik Republik.) I swear, we are so far down that road, I wish they’d quit dinking around and just declare a total ban, and be done with it.

  8. Crotalus says:

    Sonofagun! My last post was intended for the Friday News Dump!

  9. SargeLarry says:

    Memo for Senator Coburn: GOP delenda est!