Gun Show Bogeyman

The gun show bogeyman is back in the media at the Richmond-Times Dispatch:

Massengill, who headed the eight-member Virginia Tech Review Panel, said more-thorough background checks on gun-show purchases are needed in Virginia, if only to reduce the availability of guns for illicit purposes.

Private sales or trades at gun shows involving unlicensed dealers are exempt from background checks, which can turn up information on criminal histories and hospitalizations for mental illness.

Supporters of the exemption argue that data is lacking to show a direct link between gun violence or crime and private sales. Such sales often involve a single weapon and another collector.

Massengill, who describes himself as “a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights”, at least agrees that checks “could be eased by exempting background checks for trades or sales among family members.”  Gee, that sounds a lot like what we did in Pennsylvania.  Of course, that doesn’t mean it worked here, and that doesn’t mean they aren’t asking for Just One More Law.

But Massengill said even if a background check had turned up Cho’s name, Cho could have purchased weapons at a gun show.

Outlaw private sales now, or the Bogeyman will be able to buy a gun at a gun show.  It would appear to be that for Massengill, staunch defender of the second amendment that he is, Cho is the new Bogeyman.

7 thoughts on “Gun Show Bogeyman”

  1. I got a better idea, why don’t we just outlaw murder?

    Why don’t we make it illegal to commit a crime?

  2. Massengill?

    Wow, learn something new everyday. I was totally unaware that feminine hygiene products could talk.

  3. What a shock that one of the hand-picked VT Panelists is another supporter of the gun show non-problem. The VT panel will become another brightly lit but short-lived candle, especially with its members now falling back into ranks.

    We have a chance to get Kaine out of the Governor’s Mansion in two years and a preliminary glance at the election stats from Curt look like we still have a strong pro-rights representation in the Assembly. It is my personal belief that we have a real opportunity to have concealed carry on state supported campuses by the end of this decade or soon thereafter.

    If you’re a gunner and you live in Virginia, you should at the very least join the VCDL Email Alert system. They will let you know what’s happening fully and frequently.

    The new State motto: Virginia – It’s All Our Fault

  4. There are just no words to describe that type of supporter. I cannot come up one damn thing and I know all the obscene swear words and words of condemnation. Massengill …… perhaps that should become a swear word all its own.

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