Lautenberg Pushing Private Transfer Ban

Frank Lautenberg held a very Brady press conference yesterday, saying he’ll introduce legislation to end the “gun show loophole,” which is code speak for making it a federal crime to sell or give a gun to your shooting buddy or family member.  Since we were in Harrisburg yesterday, we didn’t get a chance to report on this while it was breaking.  Virginia Shooting Sports Association has a pretty thorough rundown.

I would also point out that we have a ban on private transfers on handguns here in Pennsylvania.  It is impossible to legally obtain a pistol without a background check. Yet Our gun laws are constantly touted as “ineffective” and “insufficient” by those pushing for more.   The exceedingly high crime rate in Philadelphia is always pointed to as an example of that.  It’s too easy to violate the law, and too difficult to enforce it.  It will only be obeyed by those who know the law, and are interested in complying with it.  Which is to say, not the people murdering police officers in Philadelphia.

4 thoughts on “Lautenberg Pushing Private Transfer Ban”

  1. I can’t argue too strongly that there is a constitutional right to transfer firearms without a background check. I can simply point out that states like California have required a background check for ALL firearms transfers since 1991–and from all the screeching from San Francisco, it apparently hasn’t made the huge difference that you would think. Unicorns aren’t roaming the streets of San Francisco yet.

  2. Unicorns aren’t roaming the streets of San Francisco yet.

    If there were, they’d be gay unicorns wearing leather :)

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