Friday News Dump

I didn’t have enough to do one yesterday, but I do today:

Gun Control Success is in sight for the Brady Campaign, or so Dan Gross thinks. What really surprises me about this interview is he only said “We are Better than This” once.

Pediatricians warn never to have a gun in the home. This has been their position for years.

New effort for Swiss gun control.

Les Jones: Public still confused about what assault weapons really are. That’s OK, because lawmakers are really confused about what they are too these days.

Minnesota gun control hearings continue. We’re in a lot of trouble in the states where Democrats control the legislature. Democrats love gun control again, and we need to teach them a lesson. Jacob thinks it’ll be suicide for them. Well, that depends on us. It also depends on what the GOP does. In Jacob’s shoes, I wouldn’t feel too great about switching from Tweedledee to Tweetledumb, given Tweedledumb was complicit in the sellout.

Rand Paul complains about his toilet not working to the person responsible.

Salon thinks Obama’s push for gun control is gutsy. Every single cop that appears in these photo ops is a traitor to their oath, and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

David Keene meeting with Colorado Democrats, who want themselves some new gun control.

Pennsylvania Democrats are no different.

Years ago the gun control proponents were pushing measures to require gun owners to buy huge and expensive insurance liability policies, because, naturally, if you have a gun you’re going to shoot someone with it eventually. Those ideas had died out. Not anymore. This isn’t all that California is considering either.

Looks like Maine gun owners will now have their turn to be ritually flogged by hostile Democratic lawmakers.

It’s not all playing defense. Pro-gun bills are moving in Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas.

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