14 thoughts on “Keene: Gun Control Won’t Pass”

  1. You know, I listened to the conservative news channels and read the conservative blogs prior to the election and they said “no problem, we got this” with Romney. Well, I’m tired of being hosed. I take anything these people say with a grain of salt. The dems have a powerful voice in the liberal media and I wouldn’t place any bets on either side.

  2. So you mean to say you are certain we WILL get a 10 round magazine ban AND the end to private sales. Of this you are certain but not 100% certain just 99.99% certain. And 100% certain that WHEN it passes (and by your logic it WILL) they will become emboldend and pass an AWB probably with a confiscation and/or manditory buyback?

    1. Umm no. “I would not count on it” != “inevitable defeat”

      “I would not count on it” == “Don’t go back to sleep and get complacent.”

      1. Then stop talking like it’s hopeless. Because you’re saying even if we are not complacent and each rep get tens of if not hundreds of thousands of responses for opposing any gun control they will ignore us and still pass it. Because that’s what you seem to keep implying in these posts. And you might mean something else but to some it sounds defeatist.

        1. I’m not talking about it like it’s hopeless. Perhaps you’re reading it that way because you think it’s hopeless? I don’t think it’s hopeless, but it is reality that when a legislature gets it in its mind to do something, it can be hard to talk them out of it. You’re taking as defeatist warnings about complacency. Complacency is what kills us, and ultimately results in defeat.

  3. It looks like they are going to have a decent chance of passing a ban on private transfers. I saw this article this morning: http://news.yahoo.com/senators-seek-deal-gun-sale-background-checks-083943375–politics.html I don’t see how the NRA can conclude that no new laws will pass when there is stuff like this “bipartisan” stuff floating around. They seem to be willing to exempt out all of the “credible” arguments that have been made against universal background checks like they will exempt the rural areas, and exempt intra-family transfers and allow you to let a friend shoot your gun at the range, etc.

    Anyway, I still say that the Federal congress does have explicit power to regulate inter-state commerce, and they have Supreme Court-granted power in some instances to regulate intra-state commerce but the private sale of a used gun from one state resident to another just seems to be so FAR from what Congress can regulate that I can’t see it standing up in court. Unless, they do it smartly by using law enforcement funding to con the states to each individually require their respective citizens to do background checks for all firearms sales.

    1. Well, Kirk always was anti-self defense but Coburn needs to hear from his constituents.

  4. That’s why it’s so important for the Committee Chairpeople in the House to keep all Anti-Gun Legislation ‘Bottled Up.” If any of them hit the Floor, I can see a bunch of RINOs jumping through Hoops to Vote “Yes.” Just look at the Voting Record during the Clinton Era.

  5. I think a comment like this is EXTREMELY arrogant given the current climate. I agree with Sebastian that we cannot get complacent, and a comment like this from Keene has a danger of signaling the “all clear” to NRA members. We are definitely not in the clear. This fight is only beginning.

  6. We are winning. That means we cannot afford to get complacent. The best time to kick the Dems is when they’re down because that’s when your foot has the best leverage.

    Keep those calls and letters coming.

  7. Universal background checks will lead directly to universal registration “to make it work”, which will create a menu from which the anti-gunners will choose their ban du jour. Registrations will have to be updated to keep the list current. Here in NYS it’s going to be a five-year plan for handgun licenses and AW registrations.
    Once their 35-million dollar database is up and running, with a staff of 25, they will undoubtedly require all long guns be registered, so as to not “waste” taxpayer money that they already spent on the database. Then they can ban guns as they please, with those guns not allowed to be registered at the next 5-year registration, and thus become illegal.
    Hopefully, the overnight rape job on the Second Amendment that wacko rapo Cuomo pulled here in NYS has bought some time for the rest of America. It’s like Pearl Harbor around here. The gun shops are devastated and there’s a lot of confusion among gun owners about what the precise details of this horribly messy law made in extreme haste really are.

  8. I also hope he’s right, but I hope even more that any NRA members who are listening don’t relax because of his statement.

    Strategically, it probably wasn’t a good idea to make an announcement like this just yet. Not without a qualifying phrase like, “If we stay mobilized and keep pressure on…”, to indicate there’s still work to do.

    1. Yeah, I agree with you. I get concerned over statements like that. It ain’t over till it’s over, and even then it’s probably not over.

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