CSGV Amateur Hour

One of my new years resolutions is to pay less attention to the thoroughly irrelevant people at CSGV. Even now, it’s apparent Bloomberg and the White House are the ones calling the shots on gun control. But I will still cover the Washington Post tearing into their horrendous hatchet job on John Barrow (D-GA).

17 Responses to “CSGV Amateur Hour”

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    From the article

    “Everitt also defended removing the reference to the lynching, saying that an “Internet search” did not turn up any evidence that Barrow’s grandfather had prevented a lynching.”

    Because it didn’t happen if you can’t find it on Google LOL

    • Harold says:

      And like a Georgia newspaper would be likely to report “Judge stops lynching”, or, really, anyone would be reporting such an incident for the obvious reasons.

  2. Scott says:

    Only 3 pinochios? The NRA got 4 last Sunday in the post…..

    • Harold says:

      Indeed, the NRA ad was true in spirit and all details but one unlike this one, and we only have the school’s word that their guards who are police officers are disarmed (well, they are a Quaker school in the one “safe” part of D.C.).

      As I’ve commented elsewhere, our enemies can’t deny that Obama’s kids are protected by armed guards at school, whoever employes them, at the same time he was expressing disdain on the concept for the rest of that.

      That commercial really seems to have struck a nerve, based on the way I’ve observed gun grabbers squealing like stuck pigs, even bringing it up when it wasn’t the topic of discussion, and I know Obama reversed course, it’s now item #18 of his executive actions.

      Which is also evidence the NRA has changed the course of our national “conversation” (hey, and beyond it just being a lecture by our betters).

  3. jery says:

    Oh well, the guy is a dem so as long as they are now attacking one another…

    • Harold says:

      If he’s truly pro-RKBA we must support him; we would have been in bad shape starting in 2007 is the NRA was truly the National Republican Organization, and much worse, perhaps terminal shape right now if that was so.

      • jery says:

        He is a democrat, that means if he could survive politically, he would vote to ban firearms this afternoon. They are not our allies, I don’t care what he says or what rating he gets from the NRA. Joe Manchin has an A rating as well, don’t forget.

        • Harold says:

          Things aren’t that black and white.

          For example, very few Congresscritters give a damn about the RKBA (I only county Tom Coburn for sure, and assume Rand Paul because of who he is); as long as they vote our way we shouldn’t care.

          While I’m sure more Democrats like Joe Manchin have turned on us than Republicans, ones like G. H. W. Bush have done us immense damage when they did. In fact, we’re still living with his assault rifle import bans, no doubt in part because his son approved of them, said he’d sign an AW ban renew if he got one (and G. W. Bush was more honest than most politicians, I believe he was telling the truth).

          If we follow your totally partisan approach, we will almost certainly lose everything sooner or later when the Democrats regain enough power and have been given powerful motivation to punish us.

          • jerry says:

            Very well. Before this degenerates into an argument I will end my comments afetr saying vote democrat if u think u must. I prefer the lesser of two evils, one who will not support nancy pelosi or harry reid. have a good one.

            • Nathaniel says:

              He’s not telling you to vote for Democrats. He’s telling you not to disdain Democrats who vote with us. Never reject a friend.

            • Alpheus says:

              Don’t feel too bad. I was hit pretty hard with the Big Anvil of Reality once, when I suggested that any Democrat should be automatically given a B on this issue. It’s important that we do our best to make this as much a bi-partisain issue as possible.

              Having said that, I would privately adjust any Democrat’s A rating to a B, or maybe even a C…but as I’ve thought about Republican support, I’ve come to the conclusion that it probably wouldn’t hurt to do the same with them, too.

  4. RKflorida says:

    What’s CSGV? As the gun folks pile up the acronyms perhaps a little sidebar listing them alphabetically would be nice. Real nice.

  5. al says:

    I’m from the district next to this in Ga, he’s an actual old school Democrat like Jim Marshall from our district, not these new socialist Democrats.

    • Geodkyt says:

      Hell, I thought those were extinct!

      I mean, I was convinced the last honorable* Democrat in the Senate was Joe Lieberman, and not only did I disagree with him on everything except two issues, the chucked him out of the party over ONE of those issues.

      * I said “honorable”, not “correct”. Lieberman is and always was a fairly solid “liberal” Dem. But he was honest about his beliefs.