Resolved: John Mashek is Clueless

John Mashek has published his new years resolutions, among them:

I resolve to continue to jump all over the National Rifle Association and its unwillingness to compromise on anything.

Perhaps Mr. Mashek is completely blind that he is not aware of this. Or perhaps Mr. Mashek is simply unaware that the very existence of NICS was a compromise that gun owners made in the early 90s to avoid waiting periods and ineffective background checks run, or not run, depending on their mood that day, by local police.

John Mashek’s problem is not that the NRA doesn’t compromise; clearly it does, and it’s taken a lot of heat from membership for doing so.  John Mashek’s problem is that the NRA won’t become a party to his desire to crap all over the Bill of Rights.

One wonders whether John Mashek would be willing to add to his list of resolutions “I resolve to respect the Bill of Rights in its entirety, and agree to support other citizen’s second amendment rights as actively as I defend my profession’s first amendment rights.”  I doubt you’ll see him resolving that.

2 thoughts on “Resolved: John Mashek is Clueless”

  1. I resolve to add this asshole to my “Not Worth Reading” list.

    Most of these turkeys are preaching to the Choir and the rest of us don’t even attend that church.

    I’m sure he’s a god in his own little flyspeck of a world!

  2. Amen to what you and Weer’d Beard have said. John Mashek would have us compromise until we completely give up our 2A rights.

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