4 thoughts on “Freudian Slip?”

  1. Gun owners need to kill these movements by joining them then poisoning the well with pro-gun statements and by stuffing the ballot boxes. Show up at meetings and give pro-gun speeches.

    1. All of these groups are tiny top-down and/or true believer organizations, none are “membership” ones like the NRA where you could in theory do something like that.

      In fact, thinking about it, now that things have changed and gun control is again a serious national threat, perhaps our host and others on our side should stop pointing out what clowns they are, it’s better that they get donations than organizations that might accomplish something….

  2. A little silent gathering of information is also good. I wonder if a strategy could be implemented to slowly drift them into approaches that not only won’t work, but backfire…

  3. It’s the antis who have been terrorizing gun owners by using the big stick of government as a threat to our constitutional rights.

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