Post Calls out “Jersey Justice”

The post sneers at Governor Corzine and Mayor Booker’s attempt to distract the attention away from the real problem with talks of stricter gun control.  I like what Dave Hardy had to say about this best:

This is one of those cases where you hope it’s all due to horrendous corruption. That’s the best case. Worst case is there was no corruption, this is how the NJ courts function in the ordinary case.

Hoping for horrendous corruption, because it’s the best case scenario.   That’s Garden State politics for ya, folks.

One thought on “Post Calls out “Jersey Justice””

  1. Once again New Jermany can’t get it right and blames an inanimate object instead of the violent criminal perpetrating the crime. Then to add insult to injury the judge lets him walk. The most effective method to combat gun violence is to prosecute and punish criminals who misuse firearms, instead of punishing the honest hard working people who enjoy a day at the range. New Jermany doesn’t have a gun problem they have a stupidity problem. Maybe they should make their elected officials and judges taken a common sense IQ test. I’m betting few of them have any.

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