More Stolen Guns in New York

Another home robbed of firearms, thanks to the handy map of targets provided by the Journal News. How can these people claim, with a straight face, the anti-gun cause is really about gun violence prevention? It has never been about that. It’s about shaming people out of gun ownership and hating on people who refuse to take cues from hacks pretending to be their cultural betters. If this was about gun violence prevention, something like this never would have been published.

Of course, I guess there’s nothing to worry about since Governor Cuomo made it a crime to fill the magazine. Surely that was complied with, and criminals, of course, have no idea how to top off a magazine.

4 Responses to “More Stolen Guns in New York”

  1. LC Scotty says:

    It’s pretty rare to hear of handguns stolen in a burglary, especially in a state with thinned out handgun owners. This should not be at all difficult to prove it’s due to the map.

    • Harold says:

      Unless and until one of the criminals is caught, or, say, leaves a taunting note at the scene, there’s no proving it, although if enough of these cases happen we will be pretty sure. Especially if they’re like the first one where it looked like the gun safe was the focus.

  2. Rob Crawford says:

    But on the bright side, when the thieves go to buy ammunition, they’ll have to fill out some paperwork.


  3. NY Scanner @NYScanner

    Queens: 67-22 Utopia Pkwy Crime scene being established in regards to a armed home invasion, Victim found tied up and injuired, 5 Perp fled.


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