Special Treatment from Teacher

In what is perhaps, a third grade moment for the Brady folks:

Mr. Skinner’s statement indicates that CDC is placing the NRA in a preferred position by giving it advance notice of firearm-related studies CDC has finances, before those studies are published or otherwise available to the general public. Needless to say, CDC has given the Brady center no such “courtesy” notification of studies before they are published, nor are we aware of any other gun violence prevention organization receiving such notice.

Waaah! We can’t have teacher giving special treatment now, can we? Cry me a river. Their side has enjoyed the upper hand for the better part of two decades. Now they whine that the tables are turned. Get used to it.

6 thoughts on “Special Treatment from Teacher”

  1. Helmke wants the CDC to be free to conduct biased studies with no oversight, using government money. I think it’s time to tell Paulie that if he wants biased studies, he should pay for them himself. I hear that VPC has an internet connection and knows how to use Google. Maybe they’d be willing to help him out.

  2. “nor are we aware of any other gun violence prevention organization receiving such notice”

    Nevermind the NRA pushed project exile and screamed for the feds to use federal law to take career thugs off the streets when they use a firearm to commit a crime.

    You don’t see Brady advocating for anything but more laws that the common street criminal won’t follow.

  3. IF… and that’s a BIG IF, knowing the the Brady bunch, this has any merit to it, I would have to admit it’s not a good thing. Those CDC studies have debunked many of the claims of anti-gunners. IF this is true, it would discredit many of the facts we KNOW are true. It just gives more ammo to the enemy. Just because this happens to fall in our favor this time is no reason to allow it.

    All that being said… Prolly just Brady BS:

    HEADLINE: “Kitten saved from tree”
    Brady Headline: “NRA thinks kitten rescuers should use handguns!”

  4. Why is the CDC doing ANY firearms related studies? Didn’t Congress pass a law years ago which expressly forbade the CDC from conducting such studies?

  5. Second the question asked by ChamberedRound. I distinctly remember a mini scandal several years ago, ( perhaps during the Clinton Admin) of the CDC favoring the Brady Bunch with shady and questionable “studies” and Congress taking action to admonish the CDC and I think even created a regulation for the CDC to stay out of the ” gun” issue altogether.

    Is this more Brady BS or did the funding somehow get restored ?

  6. I say, if CDC is doing any such studies, it should just announce them publicly to everyone.

    No favorites, no secrecy. There’s no excuse for either there, even if it would momentarily favor “my side”.

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