But the Media Keeps Saying NRA is on the Ropes

SayUncle hilariously notes that the new American State Legislators for Gun Ownership Prevention (ASLGVP) won’t release the names of their members because they fear a political backlash. You’d think at least some of them would be like Dwight Evans, and serve in districts so safe they could have a campaign rally strangling a basket full of live puppies on stage, and still win re-election. And here I thought the NRA was losing, the gun control movement was on the ascendancy, and we didn’t have to worry any longer what those toothless cousin-humping rednecks thought?

7 thoughts on “But the Media Keeps Saying NRA is on the Ropes”

  1. The first rule of Gun Banner Club is that you don’t talk about being in Gun Banner Club.

  2. Well at least 200 is a more believable number than Fineman’s ’14 million’ supporters using a ‘complicated model’.

  3. As a Life and Endowment Member of the NRA living in the state of WA, I can say with credible certainty that the NRA failed to show up here for our fight so we all lost.

  4. Yet the Feds and other gun banner groups are telling us its “illegal”[?] for pro gun groups NOT to disclose their membership list! Its either/or guys you can’t have it both ways…..

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