3-D Printing and Making Guns

Going mainstream enough to be featured in Popular Science, who note that “it’s pretty clear that making weapons at home using 3-D printers from commonly available materials is going to become much more commonplace in the near future.” And yet our opponents keep pretending that gun control can work. They don’t think criminals are going to be able to hit print?

7 thoughts on “3-D Printing and Making Guns”

  1. The people most enthusiastic about banning guns have no more respect for any of our other rights than they do for the 2nd Amendment. If the “assault weapon” ban didn’t work, it just means that they didn’t ban enough types of weapons. If banning all firearms doesn’t work, it just means that they need to be more intrusive about where people are buying guns. If people still find a way to get guns without buying them, it just means that they need to curtail our 1st Amendment rights too so that we no longer have access to the information needed to learn how to make our own.

    Somebody who thinks the founders couldn’t have possible meant to include semi-automatic rifles in an individual right to bear arms would have no problem making the leap to believing that the founders couldn’t possibly have meant to include thingiverse in our right to freedom of speech and the press.

    1. I see they’re trying to raise funds to create an online repository. It would be good to get the word out on that so people wouldn’t be at the mercy of other sites to host their plans.

    1. That’s exactly what they will do. Every printer with this capability will simply have hardwired logic on the chip that any design plan must be transmitted in encrypted form to the government and get a randomly generated encrypted release code before printing is allowed to start.

      1. Ah, but you’re ignoring the underground possibilities once this technology achieves the Holy Grail of self-replication. I.e. a machine being capable enough to make another model of itself.

        That will probably happen before enough governments wake up and try that sort of heavy handed regulation … which would also cripple their industrial capacity unless every other government did it.

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