Obama Prepares “Speedy Legislation”

According to Breitbart:

If past is prologue, the media is likely working with the Obama White House already in order to coordinate the roll-out of the legislation in a way powerful enough to either intimidate the GOP-controlled House to pass it or to make them pay a political price in 2014 if they don’t.

I have no doubt the media will be a willing participant in getting the President’s Gun Control agenda through Congress. This is going to be extremely difficult. No one can sit out this fight.

5 Responses to “Obama Prepares “Speedy Legislation””

  1. Mike Gordon says:

    Given that gun owners are a core constituent group of all G.O.P. members of Congress, isn’t it more dangerous for the Republicans to go along with any anti- gun legislation? But then again this is the Republicans we are talking about.

  2. Chas says:

    We get to fight two groups we can’t stand at the same time, the lying liberal media and the anti-rights Obama administration? BOOYAH! Bring it on!

  3. Andy B. says:

    Thinking out loud:

    I think a good message to Republicans would be, “We’ve let you slide for years, delivering us less than nothing. So far you’ve sucked on everything else. Let us down on our RKBA, and your party absolutely is history. The free ride is over.”

    Let them figure out what we mean by that. Time for them to do a little work, for a change.

    • Harold says:

      Indeed, and that’s my posture … but I haven’t figured out a suitably polite way to say that yet (not trying hard quite yet, things are just getting going in the Congress and DiFi evidently needs weeks to submit her bill, I sincerely wonder why (maybe wants more co-sponsors, maybe some who are not the usual suspects?)).