Looking Ahead to 2014

The Democrats have a lot more uncertain seats to defend than the GOP. I see a potential Dem pickup in Maine, but there are a lot of Southern Dems who will be up in 2014, in states that will likely, by then, by in no mood to be kind to the Democratic Party. We also know the Obama turnout machine doesn’t work for midterms. I get to take 2014 off from Senate races here in Pennsylvania, but there’s plenty of work to do out there. In honor of the perpetual campaign, I guess it’s time to create a 2014 Election category, but hopefully we won’t be using it much until it comes time.

Speaking of election work, I was a bit of a deadbeat this election. A combination of relatively safe local races, just not having the time I did in previous elections, and the feeling of working harder for less money just didn’t put me in the silly season spirit. I also kind of felt like Roger Simon of PJ Media, who notes: “I have to admit something. Unlike most of my PJM colleagues and many in the right punditocracy, deep down I never thought Mitt Romney would win.”

I started looking getting a bit of optimism after Mitt appeared to have momentum, but Sandy dominated the news cycle, which offered a natural advantage to Obama. Chris Christie fawning over the President didn’t help things either. But the fact is that unseating an incumbent president is a herculean task. Only 8 of 44 Presidents have failed to win re-election. While the comparisons of Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter are not without merit, Mitt Romney is not, and was never going to be, another Ronald Reagan.

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  1. Christie was also hoping Obama would win so he can run on the GOP ticket in 4 years. He’s a smart cookie.

    1. Barring a massive bloodbath in the Republican party in the next four years, I fully expect Christie to be the 2016 nominee. I can’t think of anyone else who the party thinks deserves their turn (which is how the party really works).

    2. Republicans loathe disloyalty, one reason Ron Paul never had a chance in 2012. Christie is toast in the GOP … no matter which way it turns over the next 4 years.

  2. Once again, Pennsylvania was Lucy with the football. The republicans simply cannot win a presidential election there. Strong union vote, and Philly turnout is just too much. We would do well to pour resources into swing states we can win, Virginia, Iowa, and New Hampshire, and try to win back Colorado.

    1. I agree. Part of the reason I was a bit of a deadbeat. When my financial situation improves, I’ll start donating again, but into swing states instead of my state. Though I have a fight here to keep PA pro-gun. Unlike California, we can still elect Republicans here.

  3. We will see. But I spent way too much money and too much time this time around to only watch as the religious right screwed over the country one more time.

    When Obama passes the handgun ban he promises, signs the UN Arms ban treaty he promises (and the Seante – with even less gun supporters in it goes along), and then his new Supreme Court strikes down Heller and McDonald and allows the complete ban on guns who are you going to blame??

    If you don’t blame the religious right and line in the sand “no compromise” litmus test voting conservatives your nuts.

    1. While the comparisons of Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter are not without merit

      Big difference: whatever honeymoon the press has with Jimma, it was e.g. long over by the Iranian hostage crisis. Of course, that’s harder to ignore than conveniently dead diplomats and such, but quite an emphasis was made of it, “Day 317 of America Held Hostage” sorts of TV info boxes. And there was much else, the reporting on the malaise speech (Jimma didn’t use that word), the killer rabbit, pursuit of Bert Lance, “More Mush From the Wimp” (officially an accident, but…), etc.

      Don’t recall them ever portraying Carter with a halo of light around his head, either. Let along saying twaddle like “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.” (We’d best hope some of our plight is this sort of idolatry, which will become moot in 4 yearsl his only coattails would seem to be when people turn out to vote for him).

      Mitt Romney is not, and was never going to be, another Ronald Reagan.

      Not even vaguely close. A descent, but not particularly articulate man with no firm beliefs. “Obama-lite” might be too harsh, but … are we getting reports he did less well than McCain???

    2. I’ll have to get my Glock before I have to go the black market route.

      1. Starting today, each and every gun that I buy from now on until who-knows-when will be via the black market route. No more 4473 forms for me. I simply do not trust where that paperwork ends up any more. Many of AG Eric Holder’s “people” buy their guns this way as it is, and they never get any federal charges for it, no matter what. I might as well follow suit, except I will be much smarter about everything through and through.

        These same “people” of AG Eric Holder’s I mentioned above can also seemingly violate federal laws against voter intimidation and polling station electioneering with impunity. They’ve been doing so since 2008. I’m not going to go this route myself, however. It’s much too conspicuous for those of us who come from the “wrong” demographic and party affiliation in this current political climate.

  4. What I’m really nervous about is Kane. She’ll have the most impact on guns for Pennsylvanians. Without the House, I doubt Obama can get much accomplished gun wise (and if he does, he’ll lose bad in 2014).

  5. Someone made a prediction a little while ago, that whoever becomes President in 2012 is going to destroy his party. I’m not completely confident in the prediction myself, although between endless massive deficits, and heavy entitlement spending, the prediction does make sense: either the President will spend us into oblivion, or the President will have to make deep, unpopular cuts.

    Perhaps this will destroy the Democrat party…to which I’ll say, “Good riddance!” To me, however, it’s up in the air as to whether or not the Republican party ought to be destroyed, although I suspect it is still salvageable. Perhaps the destruction of one of the parties will finally open the door for the Libertarian Party, or a party like it, to get national prominence.

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