Price Signals

I wonder if this was the kind of “price signal” Obama was talking about.  I would like to get a few AR lowers, but I doubt I’ll be able to find any.  For the most part, I have what I want.  I’d like something in .308 at some point.  I suppose I should start thinking about that very soon.  For now, I’m going to wait out the panic buying.  I doubt we’ll see a new AWB at the top of The Lightworker’s agenda.  Pretty clearly we’re on the list of right-wing loons to be gored, but I think economic issues will dominate his first 100 days.

4 thoughts on “Price Signals”

  1. I just bought a .308 boltie for Boomershoot, but I’d also like a M1a. Unfortunately I can’t find any in stock anywhere. Ditto for AR lowers.

    If you find any let me know.

  2. Sebastian –
    I’ve got a couple of extra .308 toys. Drop me an email(slug-line with Sebas) if you feel a serious lack.

  3. Just curious, had this station been on the Obomba bandwagon before the election praising him for his stand supporting the second amendment?

    Documentation should be made on the changing tone of the media from BE to AE. (before and after election)

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