Shooting, For Once


I’ve spent little time on the range since my old company closed up shop and I found new employment. A combination of a lack of time, and the fact that shooting isn’t cheap, especially these days. Of course, I must have dreamed my time at my club, because everyone knows the type of rifle on display here has no use other than killing people. My shooting with the AR, first in standing, then prone rapid-fire, was pretty sad. I’ve never been a particularly good rifleman, however. All my competitive shooting, and nearly all of my training has been with pistol.

My primary purpose today was to check myself out on pistol, given that I carry, and haven’t shot pistol in some months. I’m still largely in a 3×5 card at 10 yards firing rapidly with the Glock, so we’re still good there. I do worse with the Ruger LCP at 10 yards, maybe more like the size of a pie plate, firing rapidly. I find the biggest drawback to the LCP is the fact that it’s too hard to find the front sights. My group expansion was more vertical than horizontal, because it’s just too easy to miss the front sights after the pistol recoils and falls back into position.

But either way, it was good to go back out and get re-acquainted with the reason we fight.

5 thoughts on “Shooting, For Once”

  1. Been thinking about getting a Ruger LCP or a Taurus TCP. Ever compared the two?

  2. I had the same problem with sights on my LCP. I painted the front sight highway orange and the rear sight fluorescent lime green. I can now acquire the sights rapidly. Give it a try.

  3. With all this talk of banning this and that, I dusted off the old model 15 and took it for a spin the other day. Reasonably rapid fire in double action at 7 yards produced two single-hole groups of 12 shots, each with a speedloader load. I hollowed out the face of a Q target and the center of the torso. Not a single flier. And my reload times are definitely longer than with an autoloader, but still less than six seconds. Not bad for a guy who shoots maybe 50 rounds twice a year.

    I can’t achieve this sort of accuracy with my Glocks or any of my other auto pistols. I usually stay inside of the 8-ring of a Q target at 7 yards with those because of the occasional flinch. The long double action of my .38 actually helps to keep my from flinching like I sometimes do with the autos. I’m gonna carry my .38spl from now on. It even conceals better IWB than many of my much smaller auto pistols.

  4. I put a Crimson Trace laser on my LCP and was surprised at how accurate the gun is and how well I can shoot it. Was sore disappointed prior to that, and I normally shoot a LOT of pistol ammo, including BullsEye competition.

    Need to do the same with the LC9…

  5. I feel your pain on the ammo expense. I revolted when 9mm fmj’s hit $10 a box, so I started casting and reloading all my handgun ammo. Still buy my .223 and wince at the $7/20. My .22lr conversion kit for the AR was money well spent!

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