Who Needs to Panic Buy When You Have Friends of NRA?

My mother recently took the first steps to get involved in her (new) local Friends of NRA committee. As any regular reader knows, this is the side of NRA that focuses on training and safety programs that introduce new shooters to our sports. In other words, it’s about the culture of gun ownership and making sure new gun owners panic buying right now have resources available to learn how to safely use those firearms.

If you’re in or south of the Nashville area, you can support these programs and have a chance at picking up some new firearms without the panic buying markup. In fact, you can get a chance at them for just $20. What guns?

  • DPMS AP4 Carbine .223/5.56mm Nato
  • Diamond Back 9mm Pistol
  • Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Shotgun

They will only sell 200 tickets, and the winner gets all three guns according to a flyer that was sent to me. If anyone is in the area, they can pick up tickets at Lock, Stock & Barrel, 105 E. Parkway #106, Franklin, TN or this weekend’s gun show at the Williamson County Ag Expo Center. I don’t know if the FNRA committee will have a table at the show or if they will be at a table for Lock, Stock & Barrel, but the email sent to my mom said that tickets will be available at the event.

Before anyone asks, I know nothing about the committee’s willingness to arrange any kind of ticket sales online, so that’s why I addressed this to local folks. However, raffles and contests similar to this will likely be happening with committees across the country. Find your local Friends committee and inquire about any they might have going on this year. If your local committee isn’t doing a raffle, then check in with the regional field rep who will know if any other committees near your area are selling tickets to win guns. If you want tickets to a local Friends dinner, they should have a nice line up of firearms to win at each one.

6 thoughts on “Who Needs to Panic Buy When You Have Friends of NRA?”

  1. Federal law generally prohibits online and interstate raffle ticket sales. So typically these are local affairs if the org is smart.

    1. There’s a big difference between truly setting up and processing online sales and simply sharing the news that the raffle or contest has tickets available for purchase from committee members. And selling to people from other states can’t effectively banned since someone from, say, Kentucky could go to the Tennessee gun show and buy a ticket in person. If that person is the winner, they will just be responsible for having the guns shipped to their local FFL.

      1. Yeah, I meant for the sale across state lines is the problem, not the dissemination of the fact that the tickets are available or people traveling, both are not an issue afaik, etc.

  2. I’m sure that you can pick up tickets at this month’s Tennessee Firearms Association in Nashville as well. 3rd Tuesday at Golden Corral in Hermitage. Meeting starts at 7. The chairwoman for FNRA is very active with the TFA.

    1. Um, this is for Williamson County Friends of NRA. I believe their chair is a man. While that Friends committee might be doing some kind of raffle, I don’t know anything about it, so I am not willing to tell people that they can get any tickets for this specific contest there.

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