National Conversation on Guns Piers Morgan Style

Apparently means they get to lie and we just have to shut our mouths and let our betters enlighten us:

Don’t get angry. Get even! Everyone can joint the fight.

10 Responses to “National Conversation on Guns Piers Morgan Style”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    Lott makes a factual and devastating comment about the fallacy of gun control, and they cut his mic.

    Then the others lie and are lauded.

    I was just looking at Australian violent crime rate the other day. All the data I’ve seen shows a steady crime increase post port Arthur.

    And of course there’s “Gun Death” that I’m on a personal crusade against. People aren’t upset about the Sandy Hook children because they were SHOT, but because they were MURDERED. Yet the antis want to carve out a huge portion of murders when making arguments and comparisons.

    Because a higher murder rate is obviously better if people aren’t being shot! *sarcasm *

    • Harold says:

      Don’t think I mentioned it here, but a couple of days ago I did quick murder rate per 100,000 for the US and U.K. for 2004 (based on this from the FBI). I got a 1.34 per 100,000 rate of non-firearms but otherwise specified murders in the US in 2004, compared to a 1.45 per 100,000 for all methods in the U.K.

      For better or worse, we’re a violent people, even compared to the rapidly decivilizing U.K., which has a higher violent crime rate than ours, and very bad trend lines.

      (In the FBI’s list “Other weapons or weapons not stated” were 856, about as many murders total in the U.K. (with it’s much lower population, of course).)

      • Divemedic says:

        One reason for this is in the way statistics are compiled. In the UK, a death is not considered to be a homicide until someone is convicted of committing it.

        A similar difference exists in infant mortality: a child who dies within the first 30 days of life in the UK is considered stillborn, and does not count against infant mortality rates.

        It is all in how the votes are counted…

    • Patrick H says:

      And its known that Australia has “massaged” their numbers.

  2. Thirdpower says:

    YOU’RE A LIAR!!!! Now show respect to the other guests. iow shut up and sit down.

    That’s the only way they can win the ‘conversation’.

  3. Carl from Chicago says:

    I am deeply troubled that a non-citizen has a national platform to undermine our civil liberties and constitutional protections.

  4. Spade says:

    We need to take up a collection to fly Jeremy Clarkson over again.

  5. Spade says:

    Also, nobody should bother debating this guy about guns.

    What you SHOULD do is flood his twitter/facebook/whatever page with questions about his involvement in the News International phone hacking scandal. Why is such a person still allowed to be involved in “journalism”?

  6. Brian says:

    Of course they only seem to care about “Gun” deaths. Raped, beaten, stabbed? No candle for you. I’ve read stories from the U.K. where they have actually prosecuted thier own citizens for defending themselves from violent thugs with baseball bats.


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