Alan Gottlieb & Dan Gross on Piers Morgan

Video here. What’s funny is that he pretty much ignored Dan Gross so he could spend time attempting to savage Alan Gottlieb, which he was not very successful at. I thought Paul Helmke had some issues in terms of the overall strategy for the Brady organization, but I always thought he was a decent spokesman for the group. I feel like every time I hear Dan Gross talk it sound something like this:

“Hi Piers, the Brady Campaign has a simple message for Americans: we are better than this. Gun violence is a serious problem in this country, and the truth is we are better than this. In conclusion, Piers, my organization stands for all Americans who have a heartfelt, honest belief that, when it comes to gun violence we are just better than this.”

I mean, I know no one watches Piers Morgan, but even he thought Alan made for better talking head entertainment for the four Americans who tuned in to watch. I’m not impressed with Gross’s messaging. Surely the formerly leading gun control organization in the United States is better than this. At this point I almost feel like CSGV is more relevant, because at least there’s a market for the crazy juice they are peddling in the far left reaches of the cosmic mouth foam region of the Internets.

2 Responses to “Alan Gottlieb & Dan Gross on Piers Morgan”

  1. Bitter says:

    You forgot a line from Dan’s speech: In closing, I’d just like to say that while I refuse to actually debate any specific policies or serious gun control ideas, I can tell you that we are better than this.

  2. terraformer says:

    I am not exactly sure Alan should be using the term tweet when he is excited… :-)