Fighting is Much More Therapeutic than Moping

Posting was light today because it’s an office day, and unlike the professionals in the gun control movement, I have to make a living. But there was also other business to attend to today. Earlier this week I received the OK from the Board of Trustees of my 1200 member club to speak on its behalf to lawmakers. And speak we have. I took any district where we had substantial members and wrote a letter. I’ve been working on this in the background since Monday.

Screw Gun Control

Each one of those represents a fax transmission report for a letter to a single lawmaker, some state and some federal. The first letter is just really an introduction and an appeal to oppose all gun control measures proposed in either the House, Senate, State House or State Senate. When we’re facing threats from specific bills, I will follow up for those specific bills. But introducing us, I wanted just to be firm on no gun control. I will also follow up in my personal capacity, but I wanted to make sure our club was heard first.

11 Responses to “Fighting is Much More Therapeutic than Moping”

  1. Granny says:

    That is great. I have had Bitter help compose a letter to all the appropriate folks here in TN and I am signing as a Mother, Grandmother, and Life Member of NRA! I hope others step up and take appropriate action.

  2. Jacob says:

    Ask your club if they would host a shooting fundraiser for a local rep. Politicians really like things like this.

    • Sebastian says:

      They aren’t that political.

    • Countertop says:

      If its a non profit club, they risk their non profit status if they do that.

      • Sebastian says:

        My club is a 501(c)(7), were a non-profit, but not a public charity. We can do electioneering.

      • Jacob says:

        No, they won’t. They just have the attendees write checks payable directly to the candidate’s election committee.

        Also, any corporation is allowed to make small direct campaign contributions up to I believe $5000 total per year.

  3. Robert M says:

    I just sent this email to all my representatives that I could.I don’t know if it will matter but its something I’ve never done before.

    “I ask of you that you stand strong in support of the Second Amendment and oppose any attempts to restrict the rights of your constituents based on the actions of one deranged man who would not have been stopped by more laws,having already violated the state laws that are more restrictive than the previously enacted assault-weapons ban.

    I instead ask that you pursue solutions in improving the mental health industry to help those in need of treatment find it,and so those who would commit such acts are identified and treated before they can carry out their deadly fantasies.

    Also, I express my sincerest condolences to the family’s of those killed in Connecticut, and my thoughts and prayers go out to them and I hope yours do too.”

  4. Matt Rogers says:

    Your kids have teachers. Talk to them. Email them. SOME thing.

  5. Patrick H says:

    Excellent! I noticed some Jersey politicians in there.

    This is a good idea which I’m also going to bring to my clubs.


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