CNET Coverage on 3D Printing Guns

I don’t really read CNET anymore, but I think it’s still popular among some IT people who have been around for a while. So it’s interesting they are covering 3D printing and guns. I’m pleased with that, because the more this gets around, the more people will start talking about gun control as dead letter. It’s simply been obsoleted by technology as a workable concept.

5 thoughts on “CNET Coverage on 3D Printing Guns”

  1. Apart from the “dark side” comment at the beginning, it’s better than I would have expected from CNET.

  2. You’re expecting the government and those who worship at the altar of beurocracy to act rationally.

    I predict a hastily thrown together and reactionary law that forbids the printing of guns but it will be worded in such a haphazard way that if I were to print a drawing of a gun on my inkjet printer that I could be arrested and charged with a federal crime.

  3. Gun control as a practical enforceable entity has been dead since the Smithy machine was made. All the basic machining tools you would need to produce a workable firearm (or produce the tools to make the parts) in one place, and cheaper than individual machines in most cases.

    Hipster standing arms crossed in front of ancient HP printer (ex: deskjet 560), gun pictures in finished tray.
    Caption: “Bought a printer in 1994, been printing guns before 3-D”

    Photoshoppers, off to work!

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