Brady Campaign Sues

Story here. The good news for Brady is that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act I don’t believe will cover a lawsuit against a gun classified agent, since they are not among the protected classe. But the bad news for Brady is that the First Amendment very likely does apply. Is anyone surprised they care about as much for the First Amendment as they do the Second? Especially when you consider fascist statements like this and this from their fellow travelers. When they can’t get what they want legislatively, they’ll try to go into court to have the courts legislate for them. What’s sad is that it’s a smart tactic, but that says a lot more about our court system and judges than it does about the Bradys.

5 thoughts on “Brady Campaign Sues”

  1. looks like they had this in their pocket waiting ont he 7th to tamp down the press on Shepard

  2. You’ve been telling us they show every sign of being low on cash; where are they getting the money to do this?

    1. If you’re paying staff attorneys already, it doesn’t do much good to just have them sitting around with their thumbs up their asses all day. The Brady Center is also not all that low on cash, it’s just been burning through more cash than they are taking in at least from their currently available Form 990s. They can keep burning for some time. It’ll also be interesting to see what losing Dennis Henigan will mean for their bottom line. He was expensive, if I recall from their 990s.

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