Brady Quote

Via Joe:

We must prepare for a long hard battle. So much of what we have worked for in the past and everything we’re currently working on could be destroyed by the heinous decision of right-wing activist judges who chose to ignore more than 60 years of precedent in order to help the gun lobby accomplish in the courts what it has been unable to accomplish in Congress.

Sarah Brady
Email, July 20, 2007
Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Right wing activist judges?  It’s activism for judges to say the Bill of Rights is, actually, you know, the law of the land, and to treat it that way?  No, Sarah.  No.  If judges can find penumbras formed by emanations in the Bill of Rights, they can damned well pay attention to and enforce what’s actually written there in plain English.  The judges aren’t ignoring “60 years of precedent”, they are enforcing what the Bill of Rights has plainly meant for the last 218 years.

2 Responses to “Brady Quote”

  1. Michael says:

    So,right-winged activist judges bad. Left-winged activist judges good. Okay,glad we got that cleared up.

    Sebastian this Sarah Brady wouldn’t understand the Bill of Rights if you used a picture book to explain it to her.

  2. DëMöN says:

    Maybe someone should send Sarah Brady a letter saying her 1st amendment rights have been revoked for stupidity, and see if she all of a sudden finds the bill of rights readable?