Kathleen Kane Already Sticking it LTC Holders

She’s already signed on to a letter to the Senate leadership expressing opposition to the National Reciprocity Bill, while I’m sure she’s champing at the bit to be able to recind our own reciprocity agreements.

Pennsylvania is on its way to no longer being a pro-gun state. It’s only been kept that way by the hard work of a lot of people over the years. We’ve long depended on the blue dog Democrat to keep their own party in line. Blue dogs are now critically endangered, even in Pennsylvania. The hard left is taking control of the Democratic Party, and they are still winning elections.

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  1. I expect that all PA reciprocity agreements will be cancelled by the middle of January. With our Governor running scared over Kane’s promise to file more charges in PSU mess (Rumor has it that she’d like to charge the former AG and current Governor, I would not expect a lot of pro gun legislation out of the house or senate. It would be wise for all of you to contact your state lawmakers and make your feelings known on gun issues.

  2. I contacted my Representatives right after the election. I asked them to introduce legislation that will take reciprocity out of the AG’s hands and make it PA. law.

    1. I did the same, had a 90 minute sit down with him. The Rep told me that we got Castle Doctrine and gun issues are not on the Governor’s agenda for 2013.

      1. In the face of a clear and present danger like this AG that is a remarkably stupid posture. If she starts withdrawing reciprocity you should make it very clear that reelecting the Governor is not going to be on your agenda either.

        1. Stupid is a pretty good description of the Pennsylvania GOP. We’ve gotten our bone for this cycle. That’s going to be the attitude. The GOP will know that whoever the Dems are likely to put up will be a lot worse on the issue. Their attitude is we should be happy with our bone (Castle Doctrine).

        2. Well, it’s really not up the to the Governor to decide reciprocity agreements. Now, if the House and Senate would put a bill in front of the Governor that would forbid the AG from withdrawing from the agreements then it would be at his peril to veto it. We have the keep the heat on these people. The minute we get cocky with this “we’re winning” crap is the minute we relax and lose focus of the fight. We have to continue to fight the small fights to make small gains. Now, with at 2a hostile AG it’s going to be up the gun owning community put up the financial and legal resource to fight the fights that the AG is not going to fight. She’s made it clear that she’ll do away with preemption by not enforcing the laws on the books. It’s up to us win those battle in the court rooms, and they’re not going to be cheap. It’s time PA gun owners ditch the OC attention whoring education crap and get more organized like Calguns so we can see real results in the courts.

          1. Errr, but you yourself said you talked to one of your state house representatives and implied his response was there would be no action on the AG’s reciprocity threat because “we got Castle Doctrine and gun issues are not on the Governor’s agenda for 2013.

            What did the representative say about getting such a bill to the Governor? Wouldn’t that be cheaper than fighting it in the courts? Assuming, of course, the Republican Party in your state actually is pro-gun … if not, you should as I noted take the appropriate political actions as well. If in general in your state you’re going down, don’t go down without a fight and without sending as many politicians as you can back home to spend more time with their families.

            1. The Gov. has six legislative priorities and 2A issues are not on that list of six. Pension reform and property/school taxes are the big ones. Those are the ones he needs to get re-elected.

              1. Can he get elected if RKBA types stay home?

                Hmmm, the top two are traditionally extremely hard; on the other hand, unless you have a filibuster or the like, if those can’t get done when Republicans have majorities in both houses of your legislature one wonders what point there is in electing them….

  3. “The hard left is taking control of the Democratic Party. . .”

    I know it’s a clich’e to say “The extremes define the center,” but perhaps one faction running to one extreme causes the opposing faction to run to the other.

  4. I feel for u guys in PA. I am fortunate to live in a state like Tennessee where anti-gun liberals don’t get anywhere near power.

    1. Well, we dont have an ammunition “sin” tax or TSA highway checkpoints here. So it’s not all bad ;)

  5. The hard left is taking control of the Democratic Party, and they are still winning elections.

    1. “hard left” = Communists, Marxists, Saul Alinskyites, aka pinkos.
    2. Sebastian wrote, “is taking control,” as if this process has not been completed yet. They took control of the Democratic Party at least 20 years ago. The same goes for most of those who control the news media, pop culture, etc.

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