NRA to Brady: “Losers say what?”

NRA has an article rebutting Dan Gross’s assertion that NRA is now weak and ineffective:

Gross also failed to mention how his own organization scored in the 2012 elections.  The reason for that is simple: the Brady Campaign was not included in the study because it just isn’t a player.  It raised and spent so little money that it wasn’t worth measuring.  However, if you apply the same standards to Brady as the Sunlight Foundation used, the Brady score would be 0.00.  It did not spend money backing one winning candidate in the 2012 election.

In order to spend money to back any candidate, one must have money to back a candidate with. The Brady folks have been short of that for some time, and have not raised serious money for electioneering in many years. Bloomberg is the big threat now. Gun control is exclusively an issue for a handful of billionare moguls.

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