Is Wounded Warrior Anti-Gun?

A few blogs have reported the story of Wounded Warrior snubbing Tom Gresham of Gun Talk, because they claimed not to want to associate with gun folks. Miguel follows up with a link to their Facebook post on the matter that indicates they may be backpedalling. It sounds to me like they’ve been taken over by corporate types and PR flacks, which often happens to successful and worthy charities.

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  1. Honoring American Veterans Afield (HAVA) appears to be a worthwhile alternative. (

  2. Yep, backpeddling so fast they’re putting up a rooster tail! But they’re history as far as I’m concerned!

    1. That’s my general policy as well.

      Anytime an entity with a brand (and pretty much everything is a brand, even ourselves in this age of the Internet) does something unambiguously anti-gun, that brand is forever dead to me. Don’t forgive, don’t forget, even if under new management (Bill Ruger is dead, S&W has new owners, etc.l; of course some companies like H-S Precision make it easy by not ever really backing down…)

      The idea is to discourage the initial losses we suffer, and to further make anti-gun attitudes a political and social third rail. We’ve talked about the re-norming of guns in society but that’ll never really happen until enough people, especially in power, know to keep their mouths shut even if they’re anti-gun (really, anti-freedom).

  3. Well,

    I heard this for the first time this afternoon. I followed up with a friend involved in the WWP. He confirmed the post, or copy of the post and let me know it was not what it once was. The founding members have to be disappointed with the direction it has taken.

    So sad…. I have seen the good this org can do and the smiles it produces.

  4. Look at the nonsense Susan G. Komen has become. They sue high school kids for trade mark infringement.

    It’s my opinion, but when a charity is foremost concerned about their branding, maybe they’re too big for their britches.

  5. The Gunbblogger Rendezvous has always been a Soldier’s Angel’s fundraising effort. “Wounded Warrior” is a catchy name and kewl logo with superior marketing behind it – but if you ever heard Major Chuck talk about getting blowed-up in Iraq and the service SA provides you’d have a hard time supporting anyone else…

  6. Didn’t they have a table up at SHOT show? Wouldn’t this be the same thing? It does seem they brought in some paid folks to oversee the charity and they made some changes that the base of people they are supporting would dislike.

    I’m also almost certain that I have seen Ted Nugent take a Vet or 2 on hunts paid for by Wounded Warrior.

    This is a stupid and possibly bad publicity that will hurt what should be a valiant well meaning attempt at making wounded Vets heal.

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