We’re on Facebook

You can now follow this blog on Facebook.  I was reluctant to bring the blog onto Facebook, since I have coworkers and other folks I’m friends with there who do not know of my efforts here, but Facebook doesn’t seem to make a strong association.  If someone looks, they can find it, but they have to look.  I think I’m OK with that.

But now that you know who I am on Facebook, feel free to friend me.

5 thoughts on “We’re on Facebook”

  1. I didn’t put my blog on facebook for that very reason. I don’t really want my blog linked to my full name, picture, work info etc.

  2. Facebook is kind of clunky for blogging, at least in my experience.

    The more “friends” who are flesh & blood friends I acquire on Facebook, the more circumspect I have to be, since they’re friends from differing contexts…former co-worker, current co-workers, former High School buddies, former collegiate buddies, professional associates, etc…i.e. a diverse crowd, such that an inside joke in one group might go over the heads of everyone else, or be hilarious to one group but offensive to another…at times it’s as awkward as it would be having all these disparate people gathered together in one room for no particular reason and trying to entertain them ALL. I’ve been drifting back to MySpace because fewer people know I’m there, too. Ah, the “joys” of “social networking” via the interwebz…

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