Wednesday Tab Clearing

Got a lot built up in the tabs:

Obama just did a better job of targeting low information voters.

In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes. Even if something isn’t fishy, the groupthink displayed with that is astounding. You almost wish it’s fraud.

Gun sales are up, up, up.

Some post-election advice from a Frenchman.

An Outrage in the UK. Soldier brings a gun back from a war zone accidentally, is charged.

An instructor who has had poor dealings with blogs before, shoots someone in a massive display of training fail.

Roll your own dishwasher detergent. Detergent hasn’t been the same since the government ruined it by demanding the manufacturers remove the phosphates.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Tab Clearing”

  1. That Romney got zero votes in 3.5% of the total Philly voting divisions is not really that surprising, and not fishy. One of those divisions has only 7 white residents. Even the handful of Republicans that do allegedly exist are actually Democrats.

  2. “James Norris, 19, who lives down the street, is listed as a Republican in city data. But he said he’s a Democrat and voted for Obama because he thinks the president will help the middle class.

    A few blocks away, Eric Sapp, a 42-year-old chef, looked skeptical when told that city data had him listed as a registered Republican. “I got to check on that,” said Sapp, who voted for Obama.

    On West Albert Street, Duke Dunston says he knows he’s a registered Republican, but he’s never voted for one.”

  3. “Mitt Romney got zero votes. . .”

    I once read an ambiguous statement that Lincoln had received no votes at all in much of what was to become the Confederacy. The reason I say “ambiguous” is, it could have been talking about electoral votes, which would not have been exceptional. But if it was popular votes? (Does anyone know?)

    I agree no votes at all for Romney sounds astounding, but I have seen representative districts in Philly in years past where the Republican candidates got single-digit returns, and in some cases fewer than the Libertarian candidate. And locally I have seen exceptional outcomes, where a Republican challenger in my district came within one or two votes of the incumbent Republican, while getting only in the mid-twenty-percent range everywhere else. And a Libertarian candidate winning at two polling places, while getting 13 percent overall. So, very strange stuff happens/goes on. In neither case could we explain the extreme.

    I’d find Romney getting zero votes more suspicious if I, as a white, affluent, senior citizen had felt any great affection for him. In the inner city, I really can’t imagine why anyone would have liked him. So, it’s not really surprising if the vote reflected that at many polling places. (Didn’t pre-election polls show ZERO percent of blacks supporting him, statistically speaking?)

    1. Yes, Lincoln received zero votes in a number of Southern states. Not on the ballot. There were Republicans in the South, and some counties in some states actually voted against secession.

    2. In 1980, I managed a Libertarian Party Congressional campaign in the 28th Congressional district in California — a largely black, heavily ghetto area of Los Angeles. After the election, I examined precinct level voting data. It was quite common in the ghetto parts of the district for there to be 1 Lib vote, 1 or 2 Rep vote, and 300+ Dem votes. A few precincts were 100% Dem. A few precincts had no Rep votes, or no Lib votes.

      Imagine a precinct where Obama received not a single vote. The screams of racism would be overpowering.

      1. Imagine a precinct where Obama received not a single vote.”

        I suspect somewhere in this huge country, such precincts exist. It would be fun if we could find them!

        1. You might be right. But I would be hard pressed to imagine it. Certainly not in Idaho. Obama stickers are very big around here, especially on Mercedes and Lexuses.

          1. Meaning what, exactly? That Obama is the candidate of choice for the moneyed class? I’ve been told that he’s the candidate of choice for The Poors and that Obama hates the upper class and wants to take all their money.

  4. Sales have been up, up , up, and PICS keeps going down, down down!

    Call the gov’s office… He can do something about it, and save the state a crap-ton of cash.

  5. “Roll your own dishwasher detergent. Detergent hasn’t been the same since the government ruined it by demanding the manufacturers remove the phosphates.”

    Uhmmm, why not just add your own phosphates Back in? TSP, Tri Sodium Phosphate, available at your hardware store.

    I don’t have a diswasher, but I do have a clothes washer, I add a half cup of TSP to the cheapo detergent and your whites will actually come out whiter, helps even old grey whites but it doesn’t do miricles.
    It Will keep new whites looking new and it doesn’t hurt colors either. I sometimes use up to a cup of it on white loads that are really grungy, it helps alot!

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