MAIG Fighting Back

It’s pretty clear that MAIG has been on a campaign to get media outlets to write about the pending bill HR1523, since they have been parroting MAIG talking points.

According to, a project of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the missing gun reporting requirement and allowing local communities to enact gun laws are two of five laws Pennsylvania has not passed out of “10 key state laws that curb illegal gun trafficking.” Pennsylvania also does not require a purchase permit for all handgun sales, does not allow criminal penalties for buying a gun for someone who can’t, and does not permit inspections of gun dealers, the website says.

I think it’s become pretty clear by now that MAIG is a radical gun control group, and not just a coalition of mayors trying to battle illegal guns, which begs the question of how there are still hundreds of mayors who are members of MAIG in Pennsylvania. This is one area gun owners really need to step up and confront their local officials. MAIG is pushing for purchase permits for handguns? Arguing, falsely I might add, we have no penalty for straw buying? Arguing our state should waste law enforcement resources inspecting gun dealers when the feds already do it? If you’re mayor is a member, you should make them own up to what MAIG is doing in their name.

We have a few nearby boroughs that have MAIG mayors (we live in the township, which has no mayor), but I’ve never noticed that any gun owners in those boroughs bother to organize against their MAIG mayor. This is one area you really need borough or city residents to stand up.

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  1. I don’t know whether you saw the editorial taking the anti-HB 1523 position in the Bucks County Courier-Times last Sunday. I sent a reply letter before noon that day, and they verified it by 9:00 AM Monday morning, so I thought maybe they were fast-tracking it, but so far no sign of it being published.

    There appears to be a strategy of focusing on the stolen gun reporting issue, as if that is what HB 1523 specifically opposes. That was the tone of the BCCT editorial, and a day or so later, on “Fresh Air” on NPR. The NPR show had representatives from the NRA and Cease Fire PA, and I did not think the NRA rep did enough to clarify the real issue. It seemed to me most callers and the host were focusing more on specific features of firearms legislation, and just not getting the problem with the reciprocity issue.

    1. The problem, once again, is Hohenwarter. Without having listened to the broadcast I cannot say with certainty, but torpedoing good pro-gun legislation seems to be his specialty. That he has retained his employment with the ILA is a testament to the mismanagement of that organization.

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