Just When You Thought She Could Get No Crazier …

… you’ll find yourself wrong. It’s like a train wreck. You know you shouldn’t really be staring, but you do. Joan Peterson’s latest theory, in questioning why David Petraeus went so far wrong, “Is it the power? Is it the hubris? Is it the egos? Is it narcissism?” No, apparently her theory is that it’s the guns. The guns made him do it. Folks, these people are crazy. Downright bats**t crazy.

18 thoughts on “Just When You Thought She Could Get No Crazier …”

  1. I’m not saying that the guy chasing after the kids who stole the Halloween candy with “an AK-47” was right because he wasn’t. However, I wouldn’t have used the word “innocent” to describe thieves. Then again, they were unarmed thieves, so that’s OK in her book.


  2. I almost posted on her shambling wreck of a post. Then I realized that it would be a lot like yelling at my dog when it craps in the corner… it just does dumb things sometimes and yelling at it will only confuse it.

    Not that it changes the shade of her crazy one bit but she has at least provided me with a great example of how correlation is not causation. I suppose I should be grateful for that.

    1. That’s been my reaction, also. Trying to reason her is like trying to reason with a mentally challenged eight-year old.

  3. Love to know how she squares that theory with the near-universality of criminal behavior among the “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”.

  4. I’m confused. On one hand I am told that per Markley’s law, guns are something wussy men have to compensate for a lack of virility and general studliness. On the other hand, the good General was apparently able to bed a fit, intelligent and socially attractive mistress.

    The internal inconsistency makes my cranium hurt.

  5. Testosterone poisoning? Really? So does that mean it’s okay to say her hysterical rants about guns come from the fact that she has a uterus?

  6. So how does Testosterone Poisoning due to exposure to FIREARMS! affect the 10% of the U.S. Military who are Female and have Uteruses? Not to mention the Female Police, FBI, CIA, etc.

  7. And here I thought that there was no such thing as gun cooties.

    What right do I have to think, huh?

  8. Me thinks she imprints on us what she actually believes of herself, again.

    As for testosterone poisoning, or whatever drivel of the month… surly thats just natural science taking its firm root as a species. The entire planet has been bombarded by billions of women tricking their bodies into thinking they are pregnant, constantly, for the last 40 or so years. If anything, we’ve had generations of kids growing up bombarded by estrogen from the water and estrogen from soy this and soy that. Then tell them that they cant act like boys, and it isnt OK to fit biological roles, along with popular media emasculating male characters left and right, and it is no surprise that some of them snap.

    It isnt the gun… its their own messed up minds, pulling them in a ton of different directions.

  9. I read this, and my office neighbor came in and said, “Don’t laugh so hard, you’ll hurt yourself.”

    Each individual stupid statement might stand alone and make some modicum of sense. Remembering them and trotting them out when they contradict new statements is imperative if we are to become more sensible again as a nation (We’ll never be completely sensible, we’re 300 million human beings).
    Thanks for making the effort to read her stuff, I can’t, my head begins to throb and I get higher blood pressure, both of which I dislike mightily.

  10. The downfall of the General was in thinking with his johnson. Since joan has probably never had such a desire, she should be excused for misunderstanding the issue. You can’t teach a squid to play the piano.

  11. “Call 911” is her clarion call, every darn time. Yet, the cops come with guns. Does she not see this, or are cop guns “special”, so they’re okay?

    Barking Moonbat crazy, no two ways about it.

  12. I have an alternate theory.

    The General, despite probably being in better physical condition than most incoming recruits, has hit that point in his life where he knows, every single morning that he is no longer the young firebreathing buck who graduated from West Point “When men were men, and wmen were dates,” his wife is visibly aged past HAWT, and a 20-year-younger hottie with similar interests and a blouse unbuttoned well down in front is looking upon him with worshipful eyes, and he did what all too many middle aged men do — he jumped on that “red Corvette” to recapture the feelings of youth and invincibility he felt as a young Infantry lieutenant with his whole life ahead of him.

    Nah. . . too simple. {grin}

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