Got to Get Down to MAIGTown

The Mayor of Darby, PA, the town I have the unfortunate requirement to name as my place of birth on every 4473, is a member of MAIG. One of the Darby borough council members is under investigation for straw purchasing. If Mayor Helen Thomas is really interested in cracking down on illegal guns, maybe she needed to start with her own Borough Council.

2 thoughts on “Got to Get Down to MAIGTown”

  1. I just watched the CBS 3 Philadelphia video at link Sebastian provided about this esteemed Darby Borough Councilwoman/alleged straw firearm purchaser. This video gives a glimpse of the pistol which is at the center of this straw purchase investigation, which was reportedly discovered beneath the seat of a rental van after it was returned to the rental company by one of its employees.

    By pausing the video player at the parts of the video which show this pistol, I would have to guess that it is a Kel-Tec P-11 with a blued finish. Kel-Tec’s like this one sell retail for well over 300 bucks.

    I also saw some sort of scoped rifle, possibly a bolt-action, with a black synthetic stock, in an opened foam padded carry case in this same video. (I’m not so sure what sort of rifle that it was.) This rifle was reportedly found in a garage during the execution of a search warrant, along with other firearms, illegal drugs, and $27,000 in cash.

    Anyway, maybe it’s just me, but a suspected drug dealer and convicted felon, one who’s just been arrested with what appears to be what appears to be a deer rifle and a pistol that costs a bit too much to be considered a “Saturday Night Special,” seems to be a case which goes just a bit against what the anti-gunner folks have been saying for so long.

    Why didn’t this character have a “criminal’s weapon of choice,” such as an “assault weapon,” or a “Saturday Night Special,” or a .50 caliber rifle? Over 25 grand in cash was found in this garage – it’s not like he couldn’t have afforded guns like this, right?

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