Why Are Gun Control Advocates So Racist and Sexist?

I guess it’s not just violent too. Recently a Brady Board member opined “Angry white men are losing their influence,” and then proceeds to go on a racist and sexist diatribe the likes of which is hard to be believed. Is Tam an “angry white man?” Is Jennifer? Is my co-blogger? The cornered cat? Are the large percentage of my fellow NRA Election Volunteer Coordinators who are women? Is Pastor Ken? On the academic side of the Second Amendment, is Professor Johnson? Professor Cottrol? And let’s not forget about our women who toiled tireless on behalf of the outcome in the Heller decision.

I am sure some on the gun control side will be shocked and offended at my suggestion that Joan Peterson’s epic tome on the racial aspects of this issue are, in fact, racist and sexist. If someone said that Free Speech is an issue of angry males, how are you not implying free speech isn’t important to blacks or women? If this election had gone the other way, and one of us had said that this result was an indication that, to turn it around, angry black women were losing their influence, would you not decry such a response as racism and sexism? What if someone said the 4th Amendment, which protects from unreasonable search and seizure, was among these “angry white male” rights Joan speaks of. Oh wait.

The fact of the matter is that President Obama won re-election based on traditional political metrics that have long been at play in this country. What does the election say? It says when you run a challenger against an incumbent President, unless you really have your act together as a candidate, and fortune and circumstance smile upon you, you’re likely to lose. President Obama won the election because he did a better job of holding his base together, and his turnout machine was better than Mitt Romney’s. Period. It doesn’t speak of the rise or ascendancy, or descendancy of race or gender, and I think to suggest otherwise is to attempt to throw poison back into the well of racial animosity we’ve spent many decades trying to clean up. And which side is doing that here? Which side is dragging race into this, and constantly trying to paint 1/10th (1/5th if you’re Bloomberg) of the Bill of Rights as only being important to white males? They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Is this what living up to progressive ideals means?

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  1. Yeah I’m tired of the many reasons give why Obama won and why Romney lost that doesn’t look at the simple facts you just said: its hard to beat an incumbent .

    1. It’s unprecedented or nearly so to beat an incumbent who hasn’t had to fight a challenger in the primary.

  2. I don’t think it was angry white males that voted in excess of 90% for “their” particular candidate.

  3. This is not surprising. Leftist belief is mostly based upon hatred, anger and envy. So is racism and sexism. Sure, the Left has adopted definitions of racism and sexism that exclude themselves. So what? We’ll keep pointing out the obvious and hopefully the muddled middle will understand.

    The Left. Playing Calvinball with law and language since 1789.

  4. I love reading Democrats and other liberals blab about guns. Reading the blog post linked it’s no doubt some what strict gun control. These are the same people to like or will blindly obey and regulation as displayed in the blog. This person has no qualm about getting carded to by cough syrup. Why would they not also have no objection to strict gun control.

  5. I’ve been reading and commenting on Joan’s blog for a bit now. I sort of look at my role as the reasoned opposition. I know her mind will never be changed, but if after I comment using documented facts, her only response includes “it’s obvious” or “everyone knows” then I consider it a win.

      1. It does get interesting at times. I’ve been told there by another visitor that I should shut up because she is obviously much smarter than I am and likely more experienced and better skilled with a firearm than I.
        So they arent limited to just racism and sexism. In fairness, she does tend to post my comments. And I have learned some things there. Forinstance I learned that not all felons lose their right to vote and possess firearms in Minnesota.

  6. I wonder if the Brady parasites realize that if the government did ban all guns (puke) they would be out of a paycheck and would have to find another parasitic situation……

  7. The “nuts and sluts” arguments are what really turned me off from the left entirely a few years ago. The predictable progressive and media response to just about any female with conservative views is that (A) she’s insane and (B) she’s got to be a slut. I remember Jon Stewart mocking Sarah Palin for being a woman and insinuating that she was a whore. THere are plenty of things to mock Palin for, but mocking her for lacking a penis is not acceptable.

    This sort of behavior from a “progressive” is just as hypocritical as it is for a bible thumping Jesus Juicer to be caught having gay extramarital sex in an airport bathroom.

    Its just disgusting, yet seems very common.

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