Brady Campaign in California Fighting Small Business

A California FFL is facing opposition from the Brady Campaign because he wants to work as a gun broker out of his home. Neo-prohibitionists at The Brady Campaign suggest that “unlicensed dealers,” are a horrible and dangerous bazar for criminals who want guns. Then, when someone decides to seek a Federal Firearms License to become a licensed dealer, they turn around and argue that licensed dealers are dangerous. So which is it? Or is it just that selling guns, a constitutionally protected right, I might add, is an unqualified evil? I think neo-prohibitionist is a fitting term to describe them.

6 Responses to “Brady Campaign in California Fighting Small Business”

  1. Erin Palette says:

    I think it’s more a case of California yet again making a concentrated effort to drive businesses away from their state.

  2. ISH says:

    Doesn’t “neo-” imply something new or novel? They’re just the same old pearl-clutching prohibitionists of old.

  3. NotClauswitz says:

    The stinking grasping San Jose Mercury News is an example of Brady media outreach to communities it doesn’t really even serve – Pleasant Hill in “CoCo County” is not even remotely a part of San Jose, nor are the other communities is uses as negative examples where home FFL’s are un-constitutionally banned: Oakland, San Francisco (!), and the NorCal murder-capital of Richmond – meanwhile *IN* San Jose is one of my favorite home FFL’s. Dirty Rotten rag.

  4. TS says:

    Yep. They complain that unlicensed sellers don’t have to conduct a background check, but really they are not allowed. And they have been fighting to strip “kitchen table dealers” of their licenses for decades- licenses which force them to do background checks.

  5. Geodkyt says:

    If it wasn’t for Brady’s pushing in the 1990s, I’d have gotten an FFL years ago. If it wasn’t for fear-mongers insisting that manufacturer’s be licensed as POTENTIAL arms exporters (i.e., the confiscatory ITAR fees), I’d have a manufacturing FFL/SOT.

  6. jdberger says:

    Fortunately, the Pleasant Hill City Council is a reasonable bunch and mostly unfazed by the hyperbolic caterwauling of the leader of Contra Costa County’s Brady Campaign, Karen Arntzen.

    If interested, I’ll have a full report tomorrow (or watch for updates).


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