How the Second Amendment Fared

Dave Kopel reports it’s not a disaster, and makes this note about the presidency:

President. Based on past record, certainly a -1. One important difference between our last Democratic President and our next one is the latter has shown himself to be much more self-disciplined. Accordingly, it is possible that he will not waste his political capital on a reckless culture war against gun owners, as President Clinton foolishly did.

So perhaps President Obama will spend his political capital elsewhere, and be a -0.1 President on the gun issue. The approach would be in line with the positive, unifying themes that Obama presented on victory night in Iowa last January, and with his eloquent victory speech tonight.

I don’t know if President Obama will be so temperate. But anyone who fears for the worst can still hope for the best.

We must hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.  2010 will be important for us.

10 thoughts on “How the Second Amendment Fared”

  1. I tend to agree with David on his analysis of the presidential implications. Obama knows the numbers, and is too smart to risk his majority. Plus, as I’ve said before – its almost a good thing guns didn’t stick as an issue – cause then we would have lost big time. As it was, the NRA wasn’t an issue (except in that Democrats ran as far from the gun banners as possible). And Kopel is right about the ability to filibuster.

    What the NRA needs to do (and only they can do, GOA, et al can’t) is ensure that Heller becomes the litmus test that Roe was.

    It will preserve our place for a long time.

  2. Obama just wasted $600 million on his campaign to become president. You don’t think he’s going to waste American taxpayer dollars on his pursuit of gun control??

  3. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. And we’ve all seen how corrupt he can be.

  4. I don’t think he’s going to come after us directly. It’s indirect ways he will come after us. I agree with countertop, NRA’s top priority needs to be preserving Heller.

  5. The dynamics should be interesting. Feinstein, Schumer, McCarthy and the like will be pushing their agendas and force Obama to take a position.

    Does he stand with his party and lose the House and Senate in 2010 or stand with us and win in 2012.

    I hope he’s smart enough to know the numbers.

  6. I am doubtful that Feinstein and Schumer are going to push him on gun control. At least not within the next two years. They have too many other important issues (well, important in their minds).

    And who knows, was just talking with my outside Dem lobbyist, he thinks we might even see some pro gun stuff come out of them as a way to buy us off and further cement their majority in 2010.

    We will see.

  7. Two words – Excutive Orders.
    No more foreign surplus ammo, hell, no more foreign ammo period. No more parts kits. No more foreign firearms. etc.

  8. Two words. Excutive Orders.

    No more surplus ammo imports. No more foreign surplus firearms imports. No more parts kits. Game over.

  9. No more CMP, hello UN multidiversity arms-control… But I’ll try to keep that happy-thought. :-)
    And thanks for all the hard work you put in, too bad about Murtha though, we need to learn the $600 million credit-card trick. :-(

  10. yes, the stuff at the margins will be tough. DOubt they will touch CMP, but say hello to further UN arms control progress (maybe) and stepped up ATF crap.

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